Domestic abuse victim Tara Brown's daughter has a beautiful way of remembering her mum.

Trigger warning: This article deals with incidents of domestic violence and may be triggering for some readers. 

It has been almost a year since 24-year-old woman, Tara Brown, tragically lost her life at the hands of domestic violence.

When she died, Tara’s little girl, Aria, was just three.

A year on, Aria’s grandparents have revealed the four-year-old doesn’t let a day go past without remembering her mum.

Before she goes to sleep, Aria will always go to her mum’s pillow and kiss it. Right beside it, there is a picture of the mother and daughter who truly adored one another.

tara brown domestic violence

Tara Brown. Image via Channel 10.

Speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Tara's mother, Natalie Hinton, says Aria is already a confident girl.

One day, after coming home from preschool she told her, "I'm a leader, Nan."

"I know you are, darling," she replied.

When Tara died, Aria was told her mum had simply gone to live with other people she loved, who had also passed on.

But, Natalie was always afraid that Aria would forget her mum.


She was just three when she lost the woman who would be the most important in her life.

Thankfully, Aria has never stopped think of her mum.

"She has a great memory. I thought that the memories would have started to fade by now but they are still so strong," Natalie says.

Tara and her daughter, Aria. Image via Channel 7.

When they drive past Tara's old workplace, Aria will say, "That's where mum works".

Following Tara's death, masses of people came out to grieve the woman who could light up a room.

"... girl of beauty, a diamond … priceless, precious and perfect," her aunt, Maria Hinton, said at her funeral.

“You amazed us with your beauty, moved us to tears, and challenged us to do everything in our power to make this world a safer place for our children and one another,” she said.

“You have impacted our lives. Tara, know that we love you, know that you are and always will be cherished in our hearts.”

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