There's blood on the floor of a nursery and we all need to focus.

WARNING: This post contains confronting images and video. 

Emails. Let’s not talk about emails any more.

Or pant suits. Or hair. Or whether or not the future President of the United States should be “unlikable” Hillary, or unbearable Trump.

There’s blood on the floor of a nursery, and, really, it’s time to focus.

There are smears of crimson underneath a red slide. Splatters of it on the floor next to a tiny, ride-on truck, familiar as the kind all of our children have sat on at one time or another. Pools of it under a tandem swing set.

There’s a tiny pink backpack lying beside a little-lunch in a plastic bag.

A horrific scene. (Image via The Sun)

There are no children in these pictures. At least six of them are believed to have been killed at this school nursery at Harasta, outside of Damascus, on Sunday in a bomb strike.

There's video footage of the survivors of this attack. They are tiny children lying, blood in their ears, eyes swollen shut, gauze patches on their arms and faces, blankets pulled up around their necks.

A little girl lies looking at the camera with blank eyes, her face pitted with shrapnel wounds, a cut on her neck.

The images are horrifying, and difficult to look at. And these are the lucky children who didn't die. These are the ones who get to live to face more days and weeks, months, maybe even years of bombing and displacement, of destruction and death and lives crushed alongside the neighbourhoods that are now little more than rubble and dust.

A little boy injured in the bombing. (Image via The Sun)

This is Syria.

According to Save The Children, there are now 7.5million Syrian children affected by war. Two million of them are no longer attending schools like the one obliterated on Sunday. Fifty per cent of Syrian families have fled their homes as ceasefires fail and carnage continues.

Their movement has become one of the defining "problems" of our time: What to do with so many dispossessed people?

Nations who have - by some  fluke of geographic genetics - escaped the curse of intergenerational war are passing this problem around like the stinking mess that it is. And falling through the cracks in every direction are the children. The ones whose blood is smeared next to that toy truck, and the ones who never got to eat that carefully packed lunch, and the ones who won't get to sit at those smashed-up pink desks.

The confronting images of blood at the scene. (Image via The Sun)

So let's not get distracted by emails.

Let's not pretend for a moment that the answer to any of this lies with a man who "talks tough" on ISIS, a man who has just discovered where Aleppo is, a man who thinks he could solve the problems of the Middle East by being "friends" with Vladimir Putin. Let's not even entertain the idea that Donald Trump is a serious person who could work with others towards some sort of healing for Syria, who could help stem the flow of profound misery, fear and pain over the borders of a nation that can't contain its own horror and loss.

What is happening in Syria is truly horrific. And the victims, whether they stay or go, are children.

There's blood on the floor of a nursery. It's a time for serious people.

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