The couple whose wedding shut down Sydney have released a new video.

It’s the wedding that just keeps on giving.

I’m just going to say it: Salim and Aysha Mehajer are Sydney’s golden couple.

Their insane nuptials have brought such joy to so many people and provided so much fodder for so many snarky writers (ahem) that we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

I’ve got some more great news related to our fearless lovers: there’s another video.

“Ssssshhh…. I didn’t get council approval for this”: Salim and Aysha on their wedding day.

We are all familiar with the wonderful pre-wedding video depicting the courtship of the deputy mayor of Auburn and his bride, featuring that completely illogical and slightly disconcerting gun scene.

But wait, there’s more.

And it’s better than a free set of steak knives.

Behold, the day they decided to employ make-up artists to age them to 90 years old and film it.

Other fantastic things we’ve learned about the couple recently include that Aysha’s dress weighed 22kg, and that her real name is April Learmonth.

According to News.com.au, she had red hair and freckles when she enrolled in beauty school at 16 in the Illawarra. She was recently crowned Miss Personality at the Miss Lebanon beauty pagaent.

But let’s get back to the matter at hand: the video.

The shiny, white-toothed couple we know and love.

It begins with the couple we know and love: youthful, bronzed, and with teeth a shade of white that doesn’t have a name yet.

What, pray, is the thinking behind this daft video?


“I think it’s nice to see each other looking old because we always said, like we said before, that we’d grow old together,” says Aysha.

Maybe it’s a try-before-you-buy kind of deal?

Make-up artists set to work, first ageing the then-affianced pair to 50.

What does 50 look like?

They hope to have five children by this time.

Well, according to Aysha, she looks just like her grandmother.

It’s unclear how she could resemble her grandmother considering the fact that even before she was superficially aged she was unrecognisable from the red-haired April, but that’s neither here nor there. Perhaps they have the same surgeon.

Touching music accompanies the video, which makes the whole affect even more comical.

Next up, they’re 70.

It isn’t explained why as 70-year-old they both must wear scarves, but there you have it. Seventy-year-olds enjoy scarves.

Grey, but with warm necks: the Mehajers at 70.

Aysha chides her man that he looks terrible as a 70-year-old because of his solarium habit.

Where do they want to be at 70?

“I would like to think we would still see all of our friends and they still come over with their kids and grandkids,” Aysha says.

Salim is more practical.

“Let’s be realistic, half of them are probably dead.”

Oh. Well. OK, then. Vale, friends and family.

Ninety-year-old generally get around in pyjamas.

At 90, Salim has a head of fetching white hair and a prominent chin. He kind of looks like Chesty Bond. Aysha looks like the old lady who dies (sob) from Pixar’s Up.

All in all, the future looks bright for Sydney’s most ridiculous couple.

What do you think of this “romantic” wedding video?

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