Sorry, but it's official. Sydney is now more expensive to live in than London and New York.

Well, Sydney-siders, if you’re finding your pockets a little emptier and your wallets are a tad lighter, it might be because Sydney is now more expensive to live in than London and New York.

Happy Friday!

The Worldwide Cost of Living Survey has been released for 2018, and poor old Singapore remains the world’s most expensive city for the fifth year in a row.

Sydney nicely rounded out the top 10, sneaking into to 10th place.

So how did they work it all out?

Well, researchers compared the cost of more than 400 individual prices across 160 products to measure the cost of living in 133 cities worldwide. The Economist Intelligence Unit report the researchers looked at things like the cost of buying and running cars, food, rent and clothing.

Coming in after Singapore were Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong and Olso – in that order.

Curiously, no US cities featured in the top 10. America’s two most expensive cities are New York and Los Angeles, who came in at 13th and 14th respectively.

Meanwhile, that pesky Brexit situation causing chaos in the UK has led to London coming in at the cheapest it has been in 20 years, now ranked the 30th most expensive city in the world to live in.

Meanwhile, Tokyo, which was the world’s most expensive city until 2013 when Singapore swooped in, dropped out of the top 10 because of low inflation.

Time to move to London, then?

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