Details emerge of shocking gang rape of 15-year-old girl at a Sydney party.

A 15-year-old girl had her drink spiked before being sexually assaulted by three teenage boys at a party in western Sydney, the Parramatta Children’s Court has heard.

Details of the callous attack – during which the girl lost consciousness – included allegations that one of the trio stopping the girl from leaving the room and covered her mouth to stop her screaming.

Yesterday, just over two months after the horrifying incident in Sydney’s Mt Druitt, all three teens were refused bail. A staff member at a local youth care organisation said it is believed one of the teenagers “was a child soldier of war”, and has no parents in Australia.

The 17-year-old from Liberia cannot be named because he is a minor.

Two of the boys involved in the attack. (Via Channel 7)

The young girl visited the Mt Druitt home with a group of girlfriends on Saturday, May 21.

It is believed she was friends with one of the boys - a 15-year-old who lived in the house - and was only introduced to his two friends on the night. She was allegedly attacked when her girlfriends left the premises.

The day after, the 15-year-old was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a person aged 14-16.

Detectives arrested a 17-year-old boy at Hebersham on Tuesday. He was charged with detain for advantage, aggravated sexual assault in company and aggravated indecent assault in company.

The second 17-year-old, who was already on bail for unrelated offences, was arrested at Mount Druitt on Wednesday. He was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault in company and breaching bail.

All three boys were refused bail.

The Child Abuse Squad said its inquiries into the attack are ongoing.