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mc November 10, 2019

She has a point

mc May 30, 2019

How incredibly selfish. Destroying her family because she doesn’t have the guts to either work on her marriage or end it. I feel for the husband and children who are being betrayed by this poor excuse for a woman.

mc May 29, 2019

Everyone of the parents administering this poison should be charged with child abuse

mc May 26, 2019

Every person the children told silenced them. They are no better than the abuser 😥

mc May 23, 2019

I would be worried about his safety and any children if they have any. The guy deserves to know.

mc May 6, 2019

If she had a scan then this would have been avoided. If women are to choose a home birth and there are restrictions around what a midwife can do to ensure the safety of the mother and baby or babies then there as to be some testing so they know what they are dealing with.

mc April 29, 2019

Everyone has a choice in committing violence. He has no excuse for harming his wife or child and he should be doing more to help his mental health, including admissions to a facility if he is a danger to his family.

Funny how he can keep control of himself in the presence of others...

mc April 28, 2019

It took you spending $11000 in 3 months to realise you had a problem???? How much spare cash did you have????

mc April 22, 2019

Register for IVF with a request for a sperm donor and start again. Why drag him through that.?

mc April 22, 2019

I agree. It’s also a concern who can get a hold of those photos and what will happen to them. It won’t take much for someone to try to ruin her life.

mc April 18, 2019

She is just as vile as he is. Just because he didn’t physically touch them doesn’t mean he isn’t a contributor to the abuse of children. By downloading those videos he has bought a video of a child going through the worst of the worst. The maker of those videos are hurting children and wouldn’t be making money off of the children if others weren’t downloading them.

mc April 13, 2019

I can understand this. I remember how I felt after finding out I was having a boy. I bonded with my daughter straight away but struggled with my son. I was in a terrible DV marriage and felt this horrible gut wrenching fear that my boy would be the same. I cried for months after finding out. It was only after leaving the marriage and taking my child and baby to safety that we could bond. After that I was able to accept my beautiful boy. I wouldn’t change my children for the world.

mc March 30, 2019

When you see the photos she is a normal, healthy child that is also participating in sports. She would likely have gained some muscle too.
The nurse was just plain rude and ignorant.

mc March 20, 2019

He’s nothing more than a whinging old man. Not worth anyone’s time.

mc March 18, 2019

If you have them for the majority of the time and the other parent really has them for visits then it is the same
As single parenting. If that other person isn’t there to do any of the hard yards but just wants a few visits and credits then they are not coparenting. When you have your 50/50 conparenting then that’s a different story. You are sharing the responsibility of raising the kids.

mc March 18, 2019

Now do everyone a favour and delete anti vaccination morons from writing comments on your site.

mc March 7, 2019

The man is an idiot.

mc January 25, 2019

Your claim that it’s not wide spread, that the numbers aren’t as big as what they say.

mc January 7, 2019

Children have the right to say no and adults should listen

mc December 24, 2018

It was poor taste to tell the kids but to be fired and lose your income and livelihood over it is a bit of an overreaction