9 things every sweet tooth understands.

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This post হু dedicated to every person who has ever eaten around the nuts in a chocolate to save the best bits for last.

To those who tried to suck on the delicious lolly only to give in and crunch on it instead.

And to those who strongly believe that we have a separate and very special ‘dessert stomach’ that doesn’t follow the same rules of fullness as our normal, regular stomach.

Bless you. Just, bless you.

Here are nine things every sweet tooth will understand. We’ve all been there, many, many times…

1. You brush your teeth after dinner in an attempt to avoid snacking on sweet treats at night.

However, that doesn’t stop you, it just gives your chocolate a lovely, minty flavour. In fact sometimes you buy mint chocolate just so the flavours of the toothpaste and the mint can complement each other.

2. You wait for your kids to fall asleep in the car so you can carefully lift the party loot bags out of their sticky hands and help yourself to a couple of items they’ll never miss.

Sometimes, you might take a little too much and then you deny any involvement. You lie to your children. You lie to them.

3. You buy foods like toffee apples, telling the person at the checkout that they are for the children.

But they are for you. You know they are ALL for you. Why can’t you just admit it? You know why.

4. The reason you love cleaning up on your own during a dinner party is so you can finally eat all the cream and icing stuck on the cake knife.

Why that part tastes so good, nobody knows. It tastes better than a proper slice.

5. You don’t have any friends who don’t like sweet foods.

You’ve met some, and lost their phone numbers quickly. There is no room for people like that in your life. On the flip side if you had friends like that, you wouldn’t have to share. Friend policy up for immediate review…


6. You hide sweet treats around the house that your partner and children have no idea exist.

Under the vegetables in the fridge, under the tea towels. You change it up, just in case someone stumbles on it.

7. The best thing about filling your car up with petrol is the two-for-one chocolate bars at the counter.

You don’t always buy them, but just knowing they are there makes you feel better about the day, the world, people, humanity.

8. You give up sugar often – and sometimes last until 10.30am.

How good does it taste when you have it at 10.31? How GOOD does it taste? That may be the reason you do it, you know, with no real intention to see the day through.

9. You start and manage a ‘bake day’ at every place of work you have ever been at.

Purely so you don’t have to indulge alone. You roster yourself on more than is needed and sometimes bring things in when you aren’t rostered on.

Sound familiar? If, like me, you are a true sweet tooth, you probably found yourself nodding along to most of these. And if you did? The good news is, we can DEFINITELY be friends.

Do you have a sweet tooth?


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