18 easy, life-changing hacks to be more sustainable every day.

Put in minimal groundwork once and keep reaping the planetary rewards.

Sound good? Then read on, because we’ve compiled a list of simple but sustainable tasks which don’t involve moving to an off the grid farm, throwing out your entire wardrobe for a pair of linen dungarees and never going to a major grocery store again (although that does sound quite appealing).

Below are 18 things that in many cases don’t require you to do much more than lift a finger. 

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Yes, you read that right, it's like a lazy girl's guide to saving the planet. 

1. Lose the receipts. 

Next time you're doing the shopping online, change your Woolies preference to say "no receipts" because FYI, these are a triple whammy: they aren't recyclable, are made from plastic and often contain BPA. 

2. Stick a no junk mail sticker on your letter box.

Honestly, you still will get some pesky flyers but a whole lot less than you currently do now. 

3. Quit paper bills.

While we’re talking about letter boxes, switch your bank statement and phone bill to online only and save the unnecessary paper waste.


4. Unsubscribe from a minimum of three different email lists.

Did you know that emails have a carbon footprint? Let's squish it down. 

5. Borrow, not buy.

Join your local library and borrow books - this helps authors too as they still get paid royalties when you loan a book.

6. Make your next meeting on Zoom.

By now, most of us have a schmick at-home Zoom set up, so let’s use it. This not only saves all the participants time, but also the carbon from travelling to one central location.


7. Have a green start to the day.

Make your breakfast planet-friendly. You could go meat free for a day, like 'Meat Free Monday', or why not make your breakfast planet-friendly by making it vegetarian or vegan? Vegetables are far less taxing on the environment than red meat and seafood.


8. Switch to LED lights.

Changing to LEDs helps the planet, plus they last far longer making them ecological and environmentally friendly.

9. Skip the washing.

That isn’t a typo - unless something is seriously stained and smelly, don’t wash it - wear it again.

10. Load it up.

And when you really need to do your washing, make sure you run full loads and use cold water. This will reduce the number of microplastics which break off as your clothes wash.


11. Use Ecosia.

This online search engine uses the advertising revenue from your queries to plant trees around the world. 

12. Make double the portions when you're cooking.

Eat them for lunch the next day or pop them in your freezer for a rainy day.

13. Buy rechargeable batteries.

Batteries contain lithium and other toxic chemicals which leach into the soil and waterways if they end up in landfill. Plus, rechargeable batteries are more economical in the long run.


14. Switch to reusable make-up wipes.

Single use face wipes are not in fact “flushable” and leave a trail of destruction, taking approximately 300 years to break down. Switch to a washable face cloth or reusable make-up wipes, and save yourself a flush.

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15. Get a rug.

Rugs will help keep your home insulated, meaning that you won’t have to turn on the heating as often.

16. Get your car serviced.

It’s time to knock this big-ticket item off your to do list. A well-serviced car will run more efficiently, emitting less carbon into our atmosphere.

17. Sort your super.

Do your research today and make the switch to an ethical super fund. They will invest your money in ethical investments and not in fossil fuels.

18. DIY herbs.

Grow a couple of your favourite herbs at home for a never-ending supply. Plus, you won’t have to buy them ever again, saving you money, minimising plastic and cutting down on trips to the shops.  

Lottie Dalziel is the founder of Banish. You can follow Banish on Instagram.

Feature Image: Instagram @lottiedalziel. 

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