"This is the stuff of nightmares": Susan Carland's perfect joke about husband Waleed Aly.

Susan Carland has cheekily called out “a few elected Australian politicians” in an Instagram post about halal certified Vegemite — featuring her husband’s name.

Carland, who is married to The Project co-host Waleed Aly, shared a snap of a tube of Australia’s favourite spread with the usual logo replaced by ‘Waleed’.

Beneath the customised tube, Carland captioned the image, “This is the stuff of nightmares for a few elected Australian politicians (and there’s halal certification on the back too)”.

We have a few ideas about who the post might be indirectly addressing, ourselves.

Just submitted my PhD thesis!! Now to sleep for 800 years. #FinallyDone

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Since becoming Halal certified in 2014, the traditional condiment has been criticised by a number of elected officials, including Jacqui Lambie and George Christensen.

The former was outraged that the certification allegedly directed grocery dollars to religious taxes, while the latter feared that the product funded terrorism.

pauline hanson

Pauline Hanson. Image source: Getty Images.

Perhaps the most notorious of all is Pauline Hanson, who claimed without evidence that halal certification is rejected by 98 per cent of all Australians.

Carland converted from Christianity to Islamic religion at the age of 19 and has a PhD at Monash University.