The latest Survivor evictee had an awkward reunion when she appeared on The Project tonight.

When an interview starts with the words, “Do you remember me?”, you know things are about to get… a little strange.

That’s exactly what happened when the latest contestant booted from Survivor stopped by The Project to talk about her shock exit.

But when 23-year-old Aimee Stanton noticed comedian Tommy Little was on the show’s panel, things started going south.


“Do you remember me?” she asked, smiling.

“Yeah I remember you… I was wondering whether you remember,” he replied.

tonmy aimee
"Do you remember me?" Tommy asked. Image via Channel 10.

The rest of the panel was completely confused by the recognition, prompting Aimee to explain she and Tommy had actually met "a few years ago".

"I went to get a picture with you after [a] show and I kind of got dared to um, grope onto your, um, downstairs region," Aimee confessed.

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"You were very shocked... I've still got the picture on my phone.

"I got removed by security. And then you blocked me on Facebook."

We imagine this is what Tommy's face looked like when this all went down.

Eventually, Aimee was able to chat about her time on the reality show and her surprise eviction.

And even though Aimee was booted from the Survivor camp as a result of a fellow contestant's excellent strategy, that didn't stop the co-host adding in his own theory as to why she left the competition.

"I was like, 'Well, she was probably grabbing too many people on the junk'," he said.

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