When a man tried to return 150 packs of toilet paper, this supermarket boss had a simple message for him.

Toilet paper has crept back onto supermarket shelves across the country as the worst of the panic buying seems to have slowed down.

Now it seems those who led the charge are trying to head to the returns counter of shops, in an effort to get their money back.

But one supermarket owner is having none of it.

WATCH: Drakes Supermarkets boss slams panic buyer. Post continues after video.

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Drakes Supermarkets director, John-Paul Drake, told his YouTube channel he had a customer last week try to get a refund on 150 packets of 32 rolls of toilet paper and 150 units of one litre hand sanitiser.

“I told him that (puts up his middle finger). That is the sort of person who is causing the problem,” he said.

The chain – which has 50 stores across South Australia and Queensland – has been hit hard by the panic buying in recent weeks and months.

“We’ve sold eight months of toilet paper in four weeks… a year’s supply of flour in nine days,” explained the supermarket owner.

“And we’re all in the same boat, it’s not one supermarket that’s missing out, it’s every single one.”

toilet paper shortage
This is what toilet paper aisles looked like around the country just weeks ago. Image: Supplied.

Last week, Woolworths sent an email to its customers that read: "Demand for toilet paper finally appears to be tapering. We do still have some issues on paper towels and tissues with sales up 60-80 per cent".

"We're also working hard to secure large volumes of hand sanitiser. Just this week we brought in 700,000 units, which is what we'd normally sell in 40 weeks," continued CEO Brad Banducci in the email.

He added that pasta sauce was still in short supply, but pasta itself was improving.

Supermarkets Introduce Special Shopping Hours For Elderly And Disadvantaged Amid Coronavirus Crisis
People queuing for Woolworths special shopping hours for the elderly and people with disabilities. Image: Jenny Evans/Getty.

Yesterday, Matt Swindells, Chief Operating Officer of Coles, told 7News: "The panic-buying has definitely calmed down".

"I think this is week seven now since we saw that initial spike some time ago in toilet paper. The volumes are still high though - so the demand that may have been 300 or 400 per cent high is still 100 per cent higher, or double."

Both supermarket giants have lifted their restrictions on certain items.

Woolworths says they've now lifted the two product limit on oats and oral care, in addition to a longer list last week including fresh milk, packaged meat and breakfast cereals.

Coles took fresh milk, UHT milk and beef mince off their restrictions list.

Several publications including Westside News and Yahoo have obtained a list being shared on social media by a Coles worker, clearly frustrated by customers complaining about restrictions and lack of stock.


The male manager, who said he had worked as a manager at a supermarket for 25 years, listed 20 facts for shoppers to read.

1. I don’t have toilet paper.

2. I don’t have sanitiser.

3. I run out of milk, eggs and meat daily.

4. I promise if it’s not on the shelf, it’s not in a hidden corner of our back room.

These are the predictable ones. Now read this:

5. I have been doing this for 25 years. I did not forget how to order product.

6. I don’t cause the warehouse to be out of product.

7. I schedule as much help as I have, working TONS of overtime, to help YOU.

8. I am sorry there are lines at the checkout.

Now, the really important stuff:

9. My team puts themselves in harm’s way every day so you can buy groceries.

10. My team works tirelessly to get product on the floor for you to buy.

11. My team is exhausted.

12. My team is scared of getting sick.

13. My team is human and do not possess an anti virus. They are in just as much danger as you are (arguably more) but they show up to work every day just so you can buy groceries.

14. My team is tired.

15. My team is very under-appreciated.

16. My team is exposed to more people who are potentially infected in one hour than most of you will be in a week (medical community excepted, thank you for all that you do).

17. My team is abused all day by customers who have no idea how ignorant you are.

18. My team disinfects every surface possible, every day, just so you can come in and grab a wipe from the dispenser, wipe the handle and throw the used wipe in the trolley or on the ground and leave it there ... so my team can throw it in the bin for you later.

19. My team wonders if you wash your reusable bags, that you force us to touch, that are clearly dirty and have more germs on them than our shopping trolleys do. (Editor’s note: Some supermarkets such as Coles now ask shoppers to pack their own groceries)

20. My team more than earns their breaks, lunches and days off. And if that means you wait longer, I am sorry.

The anonymous list has been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Feature image: Youtube/jp drake.