Just all the funniest memes from The Great Australian Toilet Paper Panic of 2020.

Who ever would’ve guessed we’d find ourselves here?

It’s March 2020 and here we are, standing at Woolies, confused and horrified by the empty toilet paper aisle.

We just wanted to pick up a 12 pack, because we’re down to our last roll… and yet… toilet paper has become the rarest of commodities on supermarket shelves in modern day Australia.

(To be clear, there’s not a shortage. It’s just that people are hoarding it, for reasons that remain unclear).

When you finally get your hands on some… make sure you hang your toilet paper the correct way. Post continues below video.

Video via Mamamia

This also creates another issue: If we do buy a 12 pack, we risk looking look like a panic buyer. And we’re not.

We just need… a normal amount of toilet paper, to replace our previous normal amount of toilet paper.

It’s a terrible struggle.


After days of the public panic-buying toilet paper, Australian factories are operating 24 hours a day to keep up with demand, online delivery services are out of stock and supermarkets are having to post ‘MORE IS COMING, DON’T PANIC’ signs where rolls upon rolls of Quilton and Kleenex used to sit.

Do you need to be stockpiling? And other questions you have about coronavirus. Post continues below audio.

It’s truly wild, considering that if we were to be confined to our homes for two weeks due to coronavirus, there’s probably a few items more important to have than TP. Namely… food.

But while toilet paper itself has been hard to come by, the panic-buying dubbed #toiletpapergate has given us something else in abundance: Memes.


Here are the best memes and reactions from across the internet:






What a time to be alive, huh.

Feature image: Facebook/Australian Memes.