Five amazing moments from Beyonce's Super Bowl show that weren't captured on camera.

The most important sporting event of the year just took place.

Bey just rocked her way across the Super Bowl arena, with athleticism and grace, like only Beyonce can.

Apparently, some sort of football also took place, but we can neither confirm nor deny those reports.

Here are the top five moments from the half time show.

1. Beyonce entered the arena like a ninja.

We’re used to Super Bowl stars making a grand entrance (does everybody remember Katy Perry striding into view atop a giant horse that looked like it could crush us all with one diamante hoof? Fun times). Beyonce, however, started on the grass and proceeded to dance across that green death trap without her heels sinking into the dirt. They must teach you that in Destiny’s Child Finishing School.

2. Beyonce and Bruno Mars had an epic dance off (Beyonce won)

For some reason, we were subjected to a whole lot of Chris Martin/Bruno Mars action before Beyonce made her appearance. When she did (finally) stride onto the stage, there was quite the shake-off between Knowles and Mars, with Bey ultimately coming out on top (a condescending shoulder pat from Beyonce let us know the dual was very).

Beyonce also had a bit of a fall. But, as we all know, falls don’t happen to Beyonce. Beyonce happened to the fall.


3. Lady Gaga was losing her mind in the audience Queen of the Monsters Lady Gaga already her turn in the spotlight, belting out the national anthem before men started throwing a ball across the grass. She then took to the stands and proceeded to lose her mind over the half time show. The real victor in all this? Gaga’s Hunger Games inspired make-up and do, the odds were definitely in her favour. 

4. Blue Ivy Carter and Apple Martin were forced to hang out while their parents worked.

It’s always a bit awkward when you’re made to hang out with the kids of your parents co-workers when Mum and Dad put in a bit of overtime at the office. Blue Ivy and Apple, daughters of Beyonce and Chris Martin, experienced this awkward social ritual first hand during the Super Bowl.  With mumma Gwyneth snapping an Insta pic of them and capturing it “#superbowl50 jacket game.”

#superbowl50 jacket game

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5. Beyoncé performed her new single Formation for the very first time. Clad in an outfit reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s military standby (minus the pants) Beyonce rocked out to a song that included a million cultural references that can be read as commentary on America’s racial history; the Black Lives Matter campaign; and her own brand of extremely commercial feminism.