Kim K's new relationship launch, and all the other things rumoured to happen at today's Super Bowl.

More people than ever are expected to tune into today's Super Bowl match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, featuring Usher as the half-time performer, more than a few Taylor Swift references, we're sure, and... many expected surprises.

Besides the, uh, actual football, this year's Super Bowl is cloaked in celeb mystery and rumours, from a huge surprise guest to a Kardashian relationship hard launch.

Here's what we *could* expect from one of sports (but also, pop culture's) biggest days.

Kim Kardashian could hard-launch a new relationship.

Okay, footballers are really having a moment. Word on the street is that Kim Kardashian has been dating Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr since September, but they've kept it pretty low-key.

But this could be hard-launch weekend.

Both attended the same Super Bowl Party in Las Vegas on Saturday and afterwards, paparazzi spotted them leaving together for the first time.

It comes just a couple of days after 'sources' told media they were getting more serious.

"Things have been continuing to heat up between Kim and Odell. They like each other and have a good thing going," ET reported.


Even if they remain coy, we know Kim K will have a good time: she's a huge Usher fangirl, so relationship news or no relationship news, you know she had to be there for the half-time show.

Justin Bieber could make a surprise comeback.

Speaking of Kim: when she had her famous family jetted into Las Vegas earlier in the week, their jet had a surprise guest onboard. 

Though they were all bundled up, Bieber was identifiable TMZ pics.

Bieber could be there to support a friend, but there are rumours he'll appear as a surprise guest during Usher's set.

Alicia Keys has already confirmed she will appear on stage, but last month, Usher teased "some important guests" — leading people to speculate about another.

Usher famously mentored Bieber from the very beginning of his career, creating a record label with Scooter Braun just to sign the then-14-year-old in 2008.

Justin Bieber and Usher in 2012. Image: Getty.


He's also said in the past that Bieber was like a son to him.

Bieber has taken a step back from music and performing in the last couple of years, so if he pops up it'll be a huge deal.

Beyoncé could make a huge announcement.

American telco Verizon has practically confirmed Beyoncé will appear in a Super Bowl ad, by dropping two teasers featuring lemonade and a silver horse statue. These are two very clear references to Beyoncé albums Lemonade and Renaissance.

But what is the ad about? That's the secretive part.

Considering Verizon is a Super Bowl sponsor and involved in the Las Vegas Sphere, fans are speculating that all signs point to a LV residency at the venue. U2, who are currently at the Sphere, announced their residency during last year's Super Bowl.


I guess we're all grabbing our cowboy boots and booking a trip to Vegas?

The other Beyoncé rumour is even crazier: gossip account Deuxmoi, which to be fair has a pretty patchy reputation, received correspondence claiming that Bey would surprise announce an entire new album — a country record called Americana — during the show.

Beyoncé's country album has been rumoured for MONTHS now, and also explains her very country-inspired Grammys fit. But this would be wild.

If you're interested in the sport as well as the pop culture fun, the Super Bowl kicks off at 10.30am AEDT.

It will be broadcast on Channel 7 and online at 7plus.

The half-time show will begin around 12pm AEDT.

Feature image: Getty.

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