From $6.49 to $90: 14 candles that are simply too cute to burn.

In case you missed it: Funky, decorative candles are having a moment on social media right now.

And maybe it's our undying love for chic homewares, or it could be the extra time we're spending inside, but at Mamamia, it's a trend we've been embracing... Wholeheartedly. 

So, if you're looking for a delicious candle as much as you are a waxy piece of art to grace your mantelpiece, you've come to the right place.

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Because we've rounded up our 14 favourite candles that are too cute to burn. 

Oh, and yes. All price points included.

Femme Flames

Femme Flames is a lady startup with hand-poured designs, crafted in Sydney. 

They sell a whole selection of funky candles with new designs being added each season, but my top pick is the bubble candle, which comes in a range of gorgeous pastels.

Bubble Candle, $24

Image: Femme Flames Candles.


We Are Not Vibes

Aussie-based company, We Are Not Vibes, create gorgeous nude body-positivity candles with shapes and colours to suit all body types. 

They're female-owned, run, and vegan-friendly!

Our top pick:

She is Me, $50.

Image: We are not vibes.  

Lè Lit Collection

Lè Lit Collection create stunning hand-poured candles and are based in Melbourne. 

Our top picks:

The Hugo, $45.


The Elle, $45.

Cotton On

Cotton On is our top pick for affordable, cute candles, with the fashion store branching out into gorgeous night-sky themed pieces - all for under $10!

Our top picks: 

Large shaped Candle in 'natural star', $6.49.

Image: Cotton on.  


Large shaped Candle in 'blue moon', $6.49.

Image: Cotton on.  

Manara Home

Manara Home sell a whole bunch of statement candles for all your aesthetic needs. Our top pick is the shell candle though. 

Shell Candle, $35.

Image: Supplied.  


Maison Balzac

If you haven't come across Maison Balzac in your hunt for chic homewares, allow us to introduce you to your latest obsession. 

Their simple pastel candles are just beautiful.

Our top picks:

2 Volute Candles, $25.

Image: Maison Balzac  


Margot Candle, $19.

Image: Maison Balzac  

Scent Stylr

Scent Stylr sell luxury scented candles inspired by designer perfumes. 

Our top pick:

The Bum Candle Original Luxury Scented Candle, $90.

Image: ScentStylr  



Dusk is a go-to retailer to find affordable candles, home decor, and fragrances. 

Our top pick:

Blooming Chiffon Linear Taper Candle 2 Pack, $9.99.

Image: Dusk.  

Studio Billie

Studio Billie don't just create candles. They create 'sculptural centrepieces' for your home. But don't let us tell you, take a look for yourself.

Our top picks:

Florence, $85.


Harper, $60.

Cleanse and Co.

Cleanse and Co candles aren't just a candle. They're an experience - crystals included.

Our top pick:

Blue Calcite - nurtured & calm, $59.


At Mamamia, we independently choose and write about products our writers genuinely recommend. We have affiliate partnerships so if you use these links to buy something, Mamamia may earn a small commission. 

Feature Image: Mamamia + Retailers included in this article.

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