Why our Prime Minister is wrong on asylum seeker policy in 7 sentences.

This short message to the PM needs to be taped to the back of his toilet door.

The controversy over whether taxpayer money was used to pay people smugglers to return asylum seekers to Australia has been raging for days, with claims now also embroiling the previous Labor Government.

Fairfax Media cartoon via Facebook.

Tony Abbott has repeatedly dodged questions and refused to confirm claims that his government paid tens of thousands of dollars to the crew of an asylum seeker boat.

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Today, the Prime Minister insisted the government had done the “moral ” and “right thing” by stopping the boats.

But the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which assists asylum seekers in the community and advocates on their behalf, posted the best smack down on their Facebook page.

Check it out:

Image via Facebook.

In case you can’t read that text, it says:

So this just happened this morning.

Tony Abbott this morning on being asked again if Australia paid people smugglers, made it unequivocal that our Government did. Our PM refused to answer and said only the following:

“The only thing that counts is that we have stopped the boats. The most moral thing you can do is stop the boats, to stop the evil trade. The moral, decent, compassionate thing you can do is to stop the boats.”

Actually no Tony Abbott, the most moral thing you can do is protect refugees not aid people smugglers in what you call an “evil trade” as you have by funding them.

The most decent thing you can do is not turn refugees back at sea to torture but assess their claims for asylum as required under international law.

The most compassionate thing you can do is not abandon refugees at sea to just drown somewhere else.

What you have done in paying people smugglers is illegal, a crime under Australian law and you deserve the sack, not praise.

Winning votes at any cost to the lives and human rights of refugees is immoral, indecent and inhumane.

Never a truer word has been spoken.

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