Mimi's date stood her up, so she took herself on a night out. And snapchatted the whole thing.

There are few things worse than being stood up on a date.

Even aside from the the crushing knowledge that you’ve been ditched (but why? WHY? WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT? YOU’RE GREAT!), there’s the sinking realisation that all your hard work – getting out of bed, shaving your legs, curling your hair, doing winged eyeliner – was for nothing.

It’s enough to get anyone down.

But not Mimi.

When Mimi went all the way into Glasgow for a date with a man and he didn’t have the decency to show up, she decided she wouldn’t be put off.

In fact, she decided, being forced to make small talk with some random dude was by far the least exciting part of the night she had planned.

So instead of having a cry and ruining her mascara, Mimi treated herself to a sale at lingerie store Ann Summers.

She snacked on a McDonalds wrap. She had a sundae at a cafe.

Then, she settled in for a cocktail at a classy bar.

When the night was over, she retreated to her own bed and had an early night.

And naturally, like any modern woman, she Snapchatted the whole thing.

Of course, the people of the Internet loved Mimi's approach. Twitter users all over the world jumped at the chance to tell Mimi what an inspiration she was to them - and how much her would-be date was missing out on.


And of course, some people said what we were all thinking...


So, let's get this straight: Mimi got dressed up, looked amazing, didn't have to ask a stranger awkward questions about how many siblings he has, bought new stuff, drank a cocktail and got a good night's sleep.

I think she just discovered the secret to the ultimate date night.

Oh, and in case you think she's letting her newfound fame get to her head?

She's not.



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