She went home from hospital to an empty cot. What a kind stranger did next will warm your heart.

Once in a while, a random act of human kindness proves that true compassion exists in the world – and that it can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. This video shows one such story.

Last year, Valerie Watts experienced the painful tragedy of losing a child.

In the final few days of her pregnancy, her son’s umbilical cord became pinched in the womb — and the incident tragically resulted in the stillbirth of her baby boy, Noah.

Watts kept her Noah’s cot in memory of her lost son, but about a year after his death decided to sell the item at a garage sale.

Reluctantly, she let Gerald Kumpula, a woodworker who recycles timber furniture to make benches, buy the cot.

But then, Kumpala’s wife noticed some baby toys at the sale, and asked Watts how old her son was now – and what happened next was truly astounding:

If you can’t get away to watch the video right now, this is what happened:

A week after the garage sale, Kumpula and his wife returned to Watts’ house with a bench dedicated to Noah. As they gave Watts the gift, they revealed that Kumpula had crafted the cot into a special memorial bench to honour the boy.

Watts’ reaction was to burst into tears on the spot, she told Fox.

“It’s amazing, and there’s good people out there,”she said.

“There’s proof.”

Just beautiful.

What was your reaction to the video? Have you ever been the beneficiary of a random act of kindness?