BIG NEWS: Coles is launching a new set of mini collectables.

After the success that was Little Shop, Coles has another mini collectables craze for kids to get in on – this time with a healthy spin.

They’re called Stikeez and they’re little fruits and vegetables with suction cup bottoms.

The Coles Fresh Rainbow Challenge, in partnership with the Healthy Kids Association, is designed to get kids excited about eating their daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

It all begins on Wednesday, February 13, with 24 mini fruit and vegetable Stikeez to collect.

As with the Little Shop, customers will pick up a free collectable every time they spend $30.

Healthy Kids Association Senior Dietitian Grace Brunton said the organisation was proud to endorse the campaign, which hopes to help address the issue of children not getting eating enough vegetables.

Grace explained that while 73 per cent of children aged two to 17 years old eat enough fruit, just 6.3 per cent eat the recommended serves of vegetables.

The number of serves of fruit and vegetables kids should eat varies with age, but you can find this information on the Australian government’s Eat For Health website.

“Eating the rainbow is one of the best ways to ensure kids are getting all the vitamins and minerals that can be found in fruit and vegetables,” Grace said.

“Research shows that incentives increase the likelihood of children eating a serving of fruits or vegetables by 80 per cent and setting goals and rewarding healthy choices have been shown to achieve short term changes in dietary behaviour which can help to establish healthier habits for life.”

Curtis Stone has created healthy recipes for kids and parents to cook together. Image: Supplied.

And to help bring home the fresh-eating message, there will be posters available that families can use to track how many fruits and veggies they're eating, as well as easy, healthy recipes that kids and parents can make together.

Of course, there will also be Stikeez collector cases, plus drink bottles, plush toys, snack boxes and pouches available to buy.