Stevie Jacobs' wife reveals the "misery" that drove them to leave Australia behind.

In a lengthy essay for KidSpot, television presenter Rose Jacobs has revealed the “misery” that drove her and her husband, former Today Show weather presenter, Stevie Jacobs to pick up their family and leave Australia behind.

“Exactly one year ago I knew my life was spiralling in a direction I didn’t want it to go in,” the mother-of-two wrote.

“I was struggling to get through a day without yelling at the kids and completely losing my cool. I was living by all appearances a fantastic life full of enviable traits – I was a television presenter, a mum of two adorable girls, married to a beautiful man who is a television presenter and living in a five bedroom gorgeous home in the Eastern suburbs.

“We have have been fortunate enough to enjoy some of the most amazing luxuries life can afford –  but my gut told me things but my gut told me things still weren’t entirely right.”

In late 2016, Stevie Jacobs announced his resignation from Today, citing the need to spend more time with his young family.

Speaking of what led up to the decision to relocate their family to Vanuatu, Jacobs has now shared the struggles of dealing with the Sydney lifestyle her and her husband had built for themselves.


“For a start, my eldest daughter, then aged four was being bullied in day care. And I don’t mean the usual four-year-old banter. It made me sick to my stomach,” Jacobs wrote.

“Then there was the fact that I found myself screaming at my children and husband daily… which for me is well out of character since I don’t believe in inflammatory conflict.

“As most mums would do, they start to question their own sanity and before long I had convinced myself that perhaps it was me who wasn’t handling the stress of everyday life. I consulted a few medical experts and almost convinced myself that popping some pills would solve it.”


Aside from their personal issues, Jacobs also touched on the impact modern society was having on her children’s well being, something which hit close to home for the couple who experienced an active childhood.

“My own instinct that told me there had to be a better quality way of life for myself, my children, my husband and for all of us as a unit,” she wrote.

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“Our kids were obsessed with ipads, sugar, any type of ‘Frozen’ paraphernalia and on a weekend when the sun was shining and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world were right there at the end of our street and they begged to just stay home and watch TV.

“But in the end, I listened to something really raw inside. I knew it wasn’t me. I knew it wasn’t my kids or my husband. It was our environment.”


Although she acknowledges the move and change in lifestyle was a difficult decision to make, Jacobs insists her family is thriving in their new home.

“In retrospect, making the decision itself was way harder than the actual logistics,” she said.

“I can tell you, hand on my heart that there hasn’t been a nano-second of regret… I’ve never felt more content.”

You can read Rose Jacobs’ full post about the family’s move to Vanuatu on Kidspot here.