10 year old Callum saved his mother's life.

Callum is an 11-year-old Melbourne boy. He recently had a birthday. But in June, when he was 10, he saved his mum, Kendra’s life.

What a legend.

Kendra tells Mamamia what happened.

“I was feeling unwell. I took a normal antibiotic that I’d had previously and I started to feel unwell. I started to get hot and tingly and I went a bit clammy and my lips started to feel really tight.

“I went to the bathroom to try and make myself sick to get it out of my system because it was probably only five minutes after I took it that I started to feel like that.

“And then I was standing at the basin and I was watching my face and thinking, ‘you’ll be okay. You’ll be fine,’ and Callum came in and he was like, ‘Mum’, and I just dropped to the floor.

“I think I hit my head on the door jam of the ensuite. So when I woke up I was laying there and Callum was on the phone to the ambulance. I sort of got myself up and went to the bed.”

Callum not only called triple-0, he helped get his mum into the recovery position and looked after her while they waited for help.

“He took control and got me a bucket in case I was going to be sick and gave the ambulance our address.

Callum and many other "Little Heroes" were honoured by Susie O'Neill at a St Johns Ambulance event earlier this week. Image supplied.

"He hung up from them and they pretty much arrived within ten minutes and I had four shots of adrenaline because my blood pressure was extremely low. They couldn't find a vein because everything was sort of shutting down."


The mother of two spent the night in hospital getting treatment. She was discharged the next morning.

Kendra's collapse was the result of an anaphylactic shock. Without being too dramatic, the shock if left untreated may have killed Kendra, leaving two young children and a husband without her. She tells Mamamia, "I thank my lucky stars that he was home."

Callum had done a St John's first aid course at school in the weeks prior to Kendra's collapse.

"The kids have learned what to do in a situation, to keep calm and to get the help that somebody needs."

Callum has enjoyed a few extra treats since then, as you would expect. But Kendra says he's been fairly humble about it all.

Callum's first aid training was provided by St John Ambulance Australia. Earlier this week, St John celebrating a record-breaking milestone, putting one million primary school students across the country in life-saving First Aid through its First Aid in Schools program.

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