Inside this squalid home, a tiny girl was found sleeping on the floor.

You wouldn’t even keep a dog in a place like this.

Police described it as one of the worst living conditions they have ever seen.

Images show the American home falling apart at the seams: The sink filled with waste, trash and debris blocking almost every entrance, and faeces smeared across the floor.

Disturbingly, this was not an empty house. It was home to a seven-year-old child and her family.

squalid home
Image: Newburyport Police.

Police in Newburyport, Massachusetts received an anonymous tip-off last week concerning the welfare of the little girl, The Newburyport News reports.

When they attended the home, they were horrified to find the residents living in absolute squalour. Garbage, broken furniture, discarded clothes an children’s toys covered the home, and only a 30-centimetre path allowed police to navigate through the mountains of mess.

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Police said they could not move due the “sheer volume of stuff”, and described it as “unsanitary.”

“It was one of the worst living conditions I have ever witnessed,” policeman Kevin Martin said.


Once inside the three-bedroom house, police were only able to step foot in the room belonging to the little girl as the others were blocked by garbage. She was found to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor as her bed was broken and covered in trash.

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Four generations of the Paquette family were found living in the house: Debra Paquette, 54, Kristen Paquette, 32, and the seven-year-old girl. The fourth family member was currently residing in a medical centre, The Newburyport News reports.

A cat and a dog were also recovered in the home.

The girl has been temporarily relocated to a hotel with one parent.

squalid home
Image: Turnto10.

Authorities are yet to determine if they will pursue charges of reckless endangerment of a child against the girl’s mother and grandmother.

The Paquettes have up to three days to collect their belongings, and have been advised to have a company clean the home.

Once it has been cleared, the family may be allowed to return.

Child wise national child abuse prevention hotline:  1800 99 10 99

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