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'I'm not the one.' The moment Sophie Tieman knew Nick Cummins would break her heart on The Bachelor.


Sophie Tieman wasn’t expecting Nick Cummins, a.k.a the Honey Badger, to pick no one at the end of his season of The Bachelor. But she also had doubts that he’d pick her.

Sophie was one of the final two vying for Nick’s heart on The Bachelor along with Brittany Hockley which ended in… Well, you remember how that went down.

Now the 26-year-old property valuer has recalled the moment she felt she was going to be left heartbroken by the former Wallabies star.

Leigh Campbell rummaged through Sophie Tieman’s beauty bag to find out what products she loves. Post continues below audio.

In a YouTube video, Sophie said she wrote in a diary the document her journey throughout filming and decided to revisit it on camera.

She read what she wrote on the day of her single date with Nick, during which they played ice hockey and then got steamy in a spa pool.


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And then she pinpointed that as the moment she knew she wouldn’t end up with Nick in the end.

“I can tell Nick likes me but I feel like I’m already not the one,” she read out on camera.

“He doesn’t ask enough questions about my life like he does with the other girls.

“I like him a lot but I’m scared to keep going until the day I’m rejected.”


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She also revisited the passage of writing from day 79 of filming – the finale.

After being dumped by Nick, Sophie said she cried in the car and was taken to a suite to chat with members of the crew, who told her someone wanted to see her.

“The door opens and it’s Britt,” she read from her diary. “She tells me some crazy news – ‘He didn’t pick me either’.”

“I’m dying, but we can’t stop laughing. We are so confused, hurt, angry, upset but somehow happy for both of us… Nick is gone and this journey is over.”

Sophie admitted to struggling with the aftermath of the show but said she wouldn’t take back her reality TV experience, saying it helped her find independence.