Sophie Monk has posed for Playboy. And she clearly hates pubic hair.


Australia, we’ve actually SEEN the very well publicised nudey pictures of former radio host and reality TV star Sophie Monk now.

We flicked through the Playboy photos (for the articles, of course… ahem…) to see Sophie Monk’s shoot. And it was educational….

Let’s just say she’s bald from the eyelashes down. BALD. And she has boobs, a belly-button, and a perfectly pube-less pubic area. And a beautiful brain and spirit, not visible in the photos.

Sometimes Sophie has sunflowers. Sometimes she’s chewing on playing cards in a seductive manner. Sometimes she has a towel turban. Sometimes she has clothes on (just kidding, they’re all nude).

You can see the photos here (NB: You are leaving us for Playboy and you should know the photos are NSFW)


As Mamamia reported on November 17th:

Warning: This post is NSFW.

Three years ago, Sophie Monk says she turned down a $1million offer to pose for Playboy. The singer and former radio host told Kyle and Jackie O in 2011 she rejected Playboy because her agents “said it could stop me getting movies”.

But a new series of nude and semi-nude Playboy photos posted to Instagram reveals that the blonde Sydneysider, 34, has changed her mind about that.

“I just crapped in my pants a little bit. I forgot my dad learnt Google this year,” Monk wrote in a caption accompanying this photo, which is definitely not ideal for parental viewing:

“I look very ‘at one with nature, save the whales-ish’… Which took over 2 hrs in hair and makeup to make sure I look as natural as possible,” she wrote in a caption for this one:

The move follows Monk’s resignation from her 2dayFM breakfast show after just one year on air.

Because career progression.

Click through the rest of the images:

A few more key Sophie Monk moments: