Without one of her girlfriends, Sonia Kruger wouldn't be pregnant.





UPDATE: Sonia Kruger has announced the gender of her baby on A Current Affair.

Sonia Kruger appeared on A Current Affair this evening, to talk to Leila McKinnon about having a baby at 49.

But the most exciting thing we’ve found out so far… is that Sonia is having a baby girl.

We couldn’t be more ecstatic for this soon-to-be mum.

Previously Mamamia wrote…

Sonia Kruger has revealed more about her pregnancy during her TV show, ‘Mornings’.

The 48-year old TV co-host confessed that she didn’t conceive naturally.

“I wanted to be really clear today and let everyone know that I did go through IVF and I did have an egg donor.”

But it wasn’t just any egg donor.

“I have a very good friend who gave me an egg and that’s how this pregnancy came about. … When you get to my age – to use your own eggs to have a baby you’re not really going to be successful – I mean the odds are at around one in a million to get there and my doctors have been very clear with me, because I’d been through IVF before”.

In her first interview since announcing her pregnancy via social media on Saturday, Sonia told Richard Wilkins she can “finally relax” about the secret she’s been keeping for the past four months.

She filmed the moment she told Morning’s co-host David Campbell – it went down like this:


Sonia said she’d been pregnant before and was anxious about whether it would work out. “I was excited  but I was also filled with trepidation going forward. As I progressed through the pregnancy and I reached each milestone and I went for the first scan – I saw a heartbeat, which I had never seen before. That was incredible.”

She admitted to having wanted a baby for a long time. She said the relief and joy at finally getting to this stage has been has been overwhelming and credits modern science for making it happen, “I know what its like to be a woman who wants a child – and if you really want it enough there are ways to make it happen.”

Sonia also said she believes the stigma attached to IVF for older mothers is disappearing. “To be pregnant at the age of 48 is fantastic and is becoming much more common. Thirty years ago IVF was approached with suspicion and ethics. Thirty years later there are thousands of women in this country considered to be normal.”

Beautiful news.

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