Someone invented a magic scarf to protect celebrities from paparazzi.

Move aside crazy hand movements, oversized sunnies and grey hoodies. There’s a new celebrity shielding device in town.

Saif Siddiqui has come to the rescue of every celeb ever, by inventing a scarf that makes it impossible for paparazzi to snap those sneaky photos.

The ISHU scarf is made of a special fabric that “allows the wearer to influence flash photography”. Read: it reflects light back towards the camera, making whoever’s wearing it pretty much invisible.

(And the scarf itself practically glows in the dark, which is marketing gold, if you ask us…)

Naturally, stars the world over are flocking to get their hands on Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak the clever invention, with names like Paris Hilton, Nick Jonas and Cameron Diaz all being spotted (or rather, not spotted) wrapping an ISHU around their necks.

Looks like privacy is the biggest trend this season.

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