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Internet sleuths believe this final Snapchat shows the "killer" of murdered teen hikers.

It’s the case that’s gripped the world: 14-year-old Liberty German and Abigail Williams, 13, were dropped off by a family member for a day of hiking at Monon High Bridge east of Delphi in the US state of Indiana.

They never returned. The next day, their bodies were found and the hunt for their killer began.

Abigail Williams (L) and Liberty German. Source: Facebook

The two teenagers left an eerie trail of clues behind, with police only releasing the bare minimum of information about the investigation into their murders.

Liberty posted two images to Snapchat before she and Abigail disappeared, with intrigued members of the public playing detective and speculating that the girls photographed their killer or killers in the pictures.

Liberty posted a series of Snapchat images before she and Abigail were killed. Source: Snapchat

Internet sleuths have zoomed in on one of the images - showing 13-year-old Abby walking along the bridge - and highlighted what appears to be two shadowy figures trailing the girls.

snapchat murder
Is this a photo of a murderer? Image via Snapchat.

However locals who know the area around the trail well have said the figures are that of two posts, located at the end of the near-dilapidated bridge to stop cars from driving across.

"Been there thousands of times. They are posts," wrote one local on a Facebook group dedicated to sharing information about the case.

Police have been prompted to clear up the constant rumours surrounding the case after the huge interest the girls' deaths have sparked across the world.


"Unfortunately, in this case, I've seen where people are putting a photo next to our suspect's photo and saying, 'Hey, this is they guy'," Indiana State Police Sgt. Tony Slocum said, according to the Lafayette Journal & Courier.

"It's a dangerous game to post someone's photo on a social media site and say, 'That's who the police arrested for double homicide.' That’s not fair to them," he said.

delphi suspect
Police say this man is a suspect in the girls' murder. Image via Indiana State Police.

Police have so far only released an image of a male suspect and a short voice recording, both captured by Liberty's phone before her death.

Indiana State Police confirmed Liberty also recorded a video on her phone, but have not released the footage.

"She had the presence of mind to have the phone on and to capture video as well as audio," Captain David Bursten said during a press conference last week.

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