The 60-second breakfast successful people swear by.

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It’s 2018 and surprise surprise – we’re busier than ever.

Busy answering emails at all hours of the day and night. Busy co-ordinating kids’ schedules of dance classes, sports lessons, play dates, designated screen time and designated family time. Busy co-ordinating our own schedules of work, play and catching up on Netflix.

Deep down, we just want time for the real stuff: Our families. Our kids. Our friends. Our passions. Our hobbies. Our fur babies. Ourselves.

So, when it comes to breakfast, most of us time-poor folks don’t have time for smashed avo toast and goat’s cheese omelettes each day. And if you’ve got extra mouths to feed, making sure they actually eat the food is Life Win of The Day No.1.

Over recent years, we’ve heard a lot about protein shakes and smoothies as nutrition-packed solutions to suit our on-the-go lifestyles. Celebrities often sing their praises. Jennifer Aniston’s choice? “A shake with some sort of pure protein, then bananas, blueberries, frozen cherries, stevia, a vegetable mix of dynamic greens that goes in there, maca powder, and a little cacao,” she told Well and Good. She also adds a collagen peptide that’s good for nails. Guess you could say she’s nailing it?

Love Jen. Image: Getty.

Let's be real, most of us don't have the time to be like Jen and make eight-ingredient smoothies. But thankfully, a delicious, nutritional breakfast smoothie or shake is something anyone can whip up in a matter of minutes. Even 60 seconds.

Just ask the very busy (and very fabulous) Polly Taylor, one of my fellow editors here at Mamamia. She whips her shake up in 60 seconds with only a handful of ingredients.

"I do a cup of frozen mixed fruit (mine has kiwi, banana, and raspberries), one cup of coconut water and a scoop of protein powder. Blast for 60 seconds and drink," she says.

Polly's a fan of IsoWhey, a high-quality protein powder that has 15g pure grass-fed whey protein per serve, and 23 vitamins and minerals. IsoWhey has six flavours (the classic coffee one is delicious) and can be consumed once or twice a day, along with a good diet and exercise.

"Sometimes I have just the protein shake on its own with some milk," Polly tells me. "I did this morning as I went to a spin class first thing and wanted energy but didn't have time to cook breakfast."


The beauty of this kind of protein drink is that you can use it for whatever your personal goals are. It can help kickstart weight loss or simply supplement a healthy lifestyle. And that's the key: it's about lifestyle. Fad diets are out, healthy habits are in - and they're easier to adopt if you're part of a supportive community.

IsoWhey have created the IsoWhey Healthy Mums and IsoWhey Lifestyle Facebook groups to offer women a non-judgemental, fun space to talk about and help reach their health and fitness goals. They offer health hacks, goal-setting support and mini wins and stories... and perhaps some handy inspiration for that 60-second brekkie smoothie you want to try.

So why protein?

recent CSIRO report found that eating more protein at breakfast is the way to go if you're after healthy weight loss. According to findings in the Protein Balance: New concepts for protein in Weight Management report, most Australians eat our lion's share of daily protein at dinner, with much less in the morning. If we redistribute some of that protein into breakfast, science shows that it can help curb hunger and enhance muscle metabolism.

So if you're looking for a new healthy habit that doesn't take ridiculous amounts of time to squeeze into your busy life, it could take just 60 seconds. Just make sure to enjoy it - that's the most important part, right?

What's your fave smoothie recipe? Tell us below, we love a good tip.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner, Isowhey.