Big Brother's Skye said she 'couldn't get her boobs out'. But she's changed her mind.

It was just days ago that Big Brother’s Skye Wheatley told the world her “botched” boob job had shattered her self esteem. But today, it seems her outlook on her “double bubble” and “completely deformed” chest has changed.

In an emotionally charged Instagram post, the 22-year-old has explained it’s “time to be happy”, and said she is regretful of “the amount of negative energy I’ve been pushing out there lately.”

“I AM beautiful I AM intelligent I AM successful and I AM unique,” the former Queensland barista told her 264,000 followers. “I’ve finally realised what I’ve always known so very well today and that is… that my thoughts become my reality.”

“This sounds soo cheesy I know… but the power is in your hands and your hands only. Literally.”


It’s been a long road to self acceptance for Skye. Last February, in the lead up to her Thai breast augmentation, she told The Daily Mail that she had suffered poor self esteem for years as a result of her “asymmetrical” breasts.

“They’re completely deformed. If I can fix them, why not? … Boyfriends have called me ‘pancake’ in the past and comments like that stick.”

Skye’s procedure was performed in Bangkok, courtesy of an Australian medical travel agency she had contacted prior to her stint on Big Brother. Although the TV star was confident going into the operation, her excitement turned to concern when her bandages were removed and she noticed a lump on her right breast.

“I gasped at the lump and was told it would go away in a month,” Wheatley recalls in the latest issue of NW magazine.

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes… which are you? Post continues after video…

While she says she followed the surgeons’ instructions to massage the area and wear compression garments for 12 weeks, the appearance of Wheatley’s breasts still hasn’t improved 15 months on. As Skye said earlier in the week, her augmentation had the opposite effect, leaving her more self conscious than ever.

“I’ve now got a double bubble in the right one and they’re still different sizes. They’ve just swapped around,” she tells NW.

“I want my old boobs back… What I had before was better, even though I used to complain,” Skye admitted in to the Daily Mail, adding: “I can’t ever get my boobs out again and this double bubble has damaged my self esteem even more.”

Well… it’s been a rollercoaster, but we’re happy to hear Skye is practicing self-love and are thrilled by her new positive outlook.

Would you consider getting a boob job overseas?

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