6 skincare products you probably don't need in your routine, according to a beauty editor.

Look, if there's one thing I enjoy doing, it's providing folk with bucket loads of info on snazzy new beauty products. Never gets tired. Skincare especially. Because as science and technology keeps improving, so do the products available to us - and there's some seriously wonderful, powerful, ground-breaking stuff out there.

But boy, there's also a LOTTA fluffy, frilly, unnecessary s**t. Cause in today's Instagram-fuelled beauty space, it seems like nothing is off the table (hello, vagina masks. We didn't see you come in). 

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The hard truth? A lot of what we buy and are told about skincare is actually total BS.

And while we're all for doing WATEVAITTAKES to make you feel great (cause self-care does that! It's a delightful thing! Relaxing!), if you're anything like us you don't have the pennies to indulge in the ~extras~. You'd much rather spend on products that actually work.

That's why I’ve written an article on some unnecessary skincare things that are a little mediocre, and you probably don't need to fork out on. Not cause I want to bully certain products (ermmm, we're all getting along just fine thank you), but cause I really believe that you really don't need that 12th serum.

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Let's go, friends.


1. Toner

If there's one thing I've come to learn as a beauty writer, it's that less is definitely more. If you're trying to fit a thousand different products into your routine (sorry, that's probably our fault to begin with), your wallet AND your skin barrier are going to have a bad time. Sometimes you need to pare it all back and ditch some unnecessary things in your routine. 

And let's be honest, toners are one of those things (please don't hurt me). 

Cause really, you guys - your cute cleansers perform well enough these days to get rid of makeup, oil, dirt and all that other jazz without leaving any residue. So, yeah - toner is something you can probably skip without consequence.

If you can't get by without swiping on some liquid post-cleanse, a good chemical exfoliator is something that will actually make a difference.

2. Eye cream

Look, if things are pretty normal when it comes to your eye area (it's not too dry, puffy, dark or creased) and if you’re already using a good serum and facial moisturiser (that doesn't irritate your eyes), then these will do the trick nicely. 

Because the thing is - an eye cream essentially only hydrates and protects the skin around the eye which are all the things your trust serum and cream are doing to the rest of your face.

Just make sure you don't take them up too close to your eye, you silly goose.

3. Jade roller

Necessary? Nah. While they're super pretty and all, facial rollers are not a crucial thing you need to have in your skincare routine.

While giving your face a mini massage certainly feels good (hey, we love rolling our serums in, too), there's really no scientific evidence to support the effects of facial rolling. 

Sure, there are a lot of claims around the benefits of lymphatic drainage and the likes, but this is actually something your body does naturally (otherwise you'd look like a swollen thumb on the daily) - so, yeah... not really a necessary skincare step. At the very most, it might increase circulation and get rid of puffiness.

Again, if it works for you and you really notice a difference in your skin - go for gold! All I'm saying is just don't mistake pretty facial rollers as a non-negotiable. Mmmkay?

4. Beauty fridge

Ahh beauty fridges. You've seen delightful little pastel fridges plastered all over Instagram, but do you actually need one? 


Probably not. I mean, they're cute and all but you don't actually need a mini refrigerator to store your beauty products.

While chucking your sheet masks in the fridge might make your face feel nice, skincare products are, for the most part, formulated and tested to be kept at room temperature. Not only is it an unnecessary step, but putting some of your pricey serums and moisturisers in a fridge could disrupt the ingredients, making them ineffective.

If you want to pop your eye creams or masks in the fridge for a few minutes for that de-puffing, soothing effect, that's totally cool. Just don't put things in there for long-term storage. Wine only.

5. Neck cream

Given your neck ages just like the skin on your face (it's actually even thinner than the skin on your face), we should probably be paying the same attention to it, right? We're talking moisturisers, SPF - the whole shebang. But do you need a whole ~separate~ product for this particular area? 

Not really.

Y'see, there's no singular anti-ageing ingredient made specifically for this area, so there’s no real reason to drain your bank account on an entirely new product. While keeping your neck moisturised and protected is a must, you can easily do that by using your regular facial moisturiser - your neck will benefit from all the same anti-ageing ingredients (like vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, etc.).

So, there's no need to splash out on anything special for your ol' neck - unless you want to, of course.

6. Butt cream

Butt products are EVERYWHERE right now. Masks, serums, oils, creams - the whole show. But do you really need a whole separate skincare routine for your butt? 

No - there’s really no need to use specific products for your butt. While you might enjoy the luxurious experience butt products have come to offer, you’re honestly just fine using the same cleansers, moisturisers, and other products you’d use on the rest of your body.

Soooo... we still friends, or nah?

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