CULT BUY: The $5 sheet mask that'll make your skin look like you've had a facial.

Sheet masks are a bit… intimidating, aren’t they?

They look like wet bits of paper that could potentially suffocate you, and who wants to pay actual money for wet bits of paper?

But get to know sheet masks and you’ll find not only are they definitely not wet bits of paper, but deep down they just want the best for you and your face.

As a sheet mask (well, any mask) novice, I too wondered if wearing something damp with creepy nostril holes would really do anything for my parched but not problem skin.

So I decided to lay down my pores and give these Skin Republic Stem Cell Plant Protein Face Mask Sheets a crack.

TADA! Image: Supplied.

Claiming to "protect and repair ageing skin cells, reduce the loss of collagen and minimise fine lines and wrinkles" (tick, tick and tick), you can pick up three of the Skin Republic Stem Cell Plant Protein Face Mask Sheets ($15) and get change from a $20.

But how do they work and do they do what they say they will?

Let's take a look.

How do Skin Republic Face Mask Sheets work?

Generally speaking, sheet masks work by delivering a high concentration of nutrients evenly into your skin's dermis (the layer of skin tissue underneath the top layer that contains capillaries and sweat glands which can get clogged up over time).

Thanks to the close contact sheet masks have with your skin, sheet masks like the Skin Republic Stem Cell Plant Protein Face Mask give you an injection of ingredients including glycerol and plant protein stem cells (sans needles) while also allowing the skin to breathe. This gentle delivery method helps the skin absorb them faster and more efficiently than traditional masks and creams.

This sheet mask specifically targets ageing or damaged skin cells and loss of collagen that can exacerbate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use Skin Republic Face Mask Sheets.

You'll notice when you open up the sachet, the sheet is very gooey. This is a good thing because the mask is genuinely sopping wet with all the necessary nutrients your skin is craving.

Then it's a matter of lining up the sheet mask's eye and nose holes with your own and letting it sit on top of your skin. Don't worry if you manage to poke your nose through the eye hole or vice versa - the beauty of a sheet mask is you can lift it up and try again until you get it in the place you want it.


Once you've nailed the positioning, give the mask a good massage to help activate the ingredients. Also do this because it just feels really nice.

You'll then need to go about your life wearing the mask for around 20 minutes.

Yes, you'll look like Michael Meyers from Halloween wearing this Skin Republic Stem Cells sheet mask. But a young, dewy, very well hydrated Michael Meyers.


Once the time is up, simply peel off the mask. Unlike clay or charcoal masks, it won't have dried out, meaning it will slide right off pain-free.

Even after you've peeled it off, the sheet itself will still feel wet. Don't waste that stem cell goodness - give it a good squeeze (yum) and rub on your decolletage before chucking it in the bin.

You might also want to massage in any serum left on your face, or leave it to soak in if you don't have immediate plans.

Finally, observe how brilliant your dewy, springy skin looks in the mirror for as long as you wish. This will vary person to person - I'm not ashamed to admit I spent a solid eight minutes doing this myself.

Me and my skin being annoyingly hydrated post-sheet mask. Image: Supplied.

Are Skin Republic Face Mask Sheets worth buying?

Short answer - heck yes.

Putting the el cheapo price aside, the Skin Republic Stem Cell Plant Protein Face Mask Sheets are a gentle, non-threatening option if you're looking to feel a bit luxe on a Sunday afternoon.

Yes, I have very young skin that doesn't yet concern itself with wrinkles. But I could see and feel a difference in my skin's glowiness and springiness - scientifically speaking - both in the minutes and hours after use.

If you've got sensitive skin like mine or don't feel like going the whole hog with a thicker clay mask, this mask fits the brief.

There's also something inherently nurturing about the ritual of putting on a face mask. Whether you rub your temples wearing one right before bed or chuck one on while binge watching TV, face masks are as much about self care as they are your skin.

And they're just really, really fun.

You can get the Skin Republic Stem Cell Plant Protein Face Mask Sheets on your face ASAP, as well as hundreds of other dead set bargains over on

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