A bridesmaid has been called out on TV after 'deliberately sabotaging her sister's wedding'.

It seems like every other day there is a new viral story about the unreasonable expectations of a bride and groom at their wedding (like asking each guest to transfer $325 into their bank account).

But this story is different, because the request of asking your Maid of Honour to attend the dress rehearsal for your wedding is… entirely legitimate.

On a British talk show This Morning, for a segment called “Am I Being Unreasonable?”,  a woman called up anonymously to explain why her sister is no longer talking to her after her wedding.

“I got married in November last year and [my sister] was Maid of Honour at the wedding,” the woman, who they called ‘Gabby’ began.

“She was invited to the rehearsal and I only had her and my cousin as bridesmaids.”

Gabby explained that when her sister failed to show up to the rehearsal, her cousin had to step in.

“So the vicar showed my cousin how to take my flowers and sign the register and because of this… we no longer speak.”

“She felt pushed out and felt like it was all about my cousin and didn’t see the point that it wasn’t about my cousin it was about me and my husband – it was our day.”

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As for what happened on the actual day of the wedding, Gabby revealed that her sister turned up late when they were scheduled to get ready, delaying the proceedings of the whole day.

“She hadn’t even showered or anything. There was literally no effort made – she just arrived.”

When asked why she was worried, Gabby responded: “Because we’re not speaking and we’ve never really had a fall out before and I don’t know whether to offer an olive branch or whether just let her come to me this time.”

The hosts of the show didn’t hold back, and in response to whether or not Gabby was being unreasonable for not talking to her sister, the answer was stern.

“I mean it sounds to me as if she was deliberately setting out to sabotage the wedding in every way she possibly could,” host Vanessa Feltz said.

“Who shows up late, unwashed, unshowered to their own sister’s wedding making the bride late for her own wedding?”

Feltz continued: “Who doesn’t go to the rehearsal if she’s one of the two bridesmaids at the wedding … everyone watching will agree it’s downright nasty.”

It wasn’t made clear what Gabby will do about the feud with her sister, but it certainly has attracted strong attention from the public.

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