Solange Knowles says she was verbally abused while at a concert with her son.


Singer Solange Knowles claims she was verbally abused while at a concert she attended with her young son.

The 30-year-old sister of Beyonce told her Twitter followers she was at a Kraftwerk concert when she was abused by four women behind her.

The incident allegedly began when the women yelled at the singer to “sit down now”.

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Solange told the women she was simply dancing at a concert to which they allegedly just demanded she sit.


The women were then said to have thrown a lime at the back of the singer.

Solange furiously explained how disrespectful the behaviour was in the context of the setting.

“We are at an electronic and dance music concert and you are telling me… not asking me… to sit down. In front of my child,” she said.

Solange explained how the incident gives insight to the treatment of black woman.

“Let me tell you why black girls/women are so angry,” she said.

“I’m just going to share my experience… so that maybe someone will understand why many of us don’t feel safe.”

The singer said she had previously been so excited to share the experience with 12-year-old son Daniel Julez Judo Smith Junior.

The story continues to gain traction as fans like, retweet and comment on the incident.

Many fans have expressed their disgust with the actions that are claimed to have taken place.

“Not only to just be disrespected, but in front of your children as well,” one user said.

“That’s awful! No one should be subject to harassment just for having fun at a concert with their family,” another user said.

A third user hoped the singer could move past the experience to focus on having a good time.

“Keep dancing, smiling and having an amazing time.”