Seven months pregnant. Trying to get home. And kicked off a plane because her child was crying.

Nobody likes a crying baby on a plane, but this is ridiculous.

Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood was booted off a United Airlines flight in San Francisco because her two-year-old son was crying.

This was the terrifying security threat that caused the plane to turn back to the gate:

Fans of the pregnant singer-songwriter from the band Walk Off the Earth are outraged after Blackwood shared her plight on social media.

“Apparently my little two-year-old crying son was a big threat,” Blackwood said, labelling the airline “mother haters”.

SkyWest Airlines, who operated the Vancouver-bound flight, said the plane was ordered to return to the gate due to safety concerns.

“Despite numerous requests, the child was not seated, as required by federal regulation to ensure passenger safety, and was repeatedly in the aisle of the aircraft before departure and during taxi,” the airline said.

Blackwood explains the scenario in detail (post continues after video):

But fellow passengers have since come out in defence of Blackwood, saying staff were unreasonable and insensitive.

The talented musician said by the time the plane reached the gate, toddler Giorgio was fast asleep.

A happier-looking Giorgio playing with his mum. Image via Facebook.

But the duo were forced to disembark and the flight was delayed by more than an hour as their begs were removed.

Reggae rock band Walk Off the Earth are known for their low-budget music videos of covers – including Miley CyrusWrecking Ball and Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

Check out the band (they’re really good):

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