Bored of running? This 30 minute workout will help you mix things up.

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I think I’ve re-discovered my love of running.

It’s been coming in waves over the past few months, but I can finally honestly say that I’m enjoying it again.

I had a forced few weeks off pretty much all exercise last month, and when I came back running and cycling were the only options. Now, I’m really not a fan of bikes — although I know spin is an excellent workout and I do try to fit it in semi-regularly — so running was pretty much the only option. Which felt a little daunting, given I’d been used to so much variety in my workouts.

But when you actually sit down and think about it (which, you know, is kind of my job), there are plenty of variations on running based workouts.

From stairs to long slow runs and intervals to sprints, with a little effort you can make it work.

Watch: Sam Wood demonstrates a quick at-home workout. (Post continues after video.)

Here’s my favourite from the past few weeks. FYI: I don’t usually include my warm ups, but as this is a high-intensity running session it really is important that you warm up properly.

This is a sample of what I did; adjust dependent on how your body is feeling.

Warm up

Light jog — 4-5 minutes
30 seconds of high knees; 30 seconds of heels-to-butt (x 4)
High skips, 10 per side
Jog it out for 20 metres (x 4)
Stretch, focusing on glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings



[Comfortable = below race pace; Uncomfortable = above race pace]

60 seconds at comfortable pace; 60 seconds at uncomfortable pace (x 5)
45 seconds at comfortable pace; 60 seconds at uncomfortable pace (x 5)
30 seconds at comfortable pace; 60 seconds at uncomfortable pace (x 5)

Cool down and stretch. (Post continues after this gallery.)

I’m not running my fastest (by a long shot) but that’s OK with me at the moment. I’m enjoying running for the fun of it, and sometimes that’s OK.

On another note: is it just me, or are men’s running shoes heaps cooler than women’s at the moment? The Iconic is nailing it — way too much pink going on in the ladies’ department across the board at the moment. Give me monochrome any day.

What do you do to make running more interesting?

This post originally appeared on Jess Robinson’s website Lazy Girl Fitness and has been republished here with full permission. You can also follow Jess’ exercise tips, insights and progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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