PSA: Matty J and Laura were not the best relationship to come out of The Bachelor.

There is a level of friendship that can only develop after living in a house with 20 other women all vying for the heart of the same dude as you.

Florence Alexandra and Simone Ormesher are proof of this.

While they both originally competed for the love of season five’s Matty J since their rose-less exits, it appears Florence and Simone found soul mates of a different kind: the brunching, inseparable, friendship kind.

Pancake-aficionado Simone told Cosmo that Flo is “hilarious.”

“Sometimes I wouldn’t get what [she] said — she’s very abrupt. But honestly, she’s gold.”

Suns out Bachelor Rejects out????☀️❤️????????????✨ @legacycamberwell #bffs #loveforsimmie tap for outfit detailz

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Florence agreed.

“Every time I see one of the girls, it feels like seeing a sister,” the Dutch model told Pop Sugar after her elimination.


“It’s amazing, seriously, they make me so happy. When I meet up with Lisa, Elise, Simone or Laura, I’m pumped to see them — it’s just such a strong connection.

“I think we all did find love — it sounds really cheesy and cliché, but you find friends for life. It did surprise me that you can develop real friendships on a show like that.”

My love ❤

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And just like that, two women who went into a house looking for a boyfriend, left with something equally precious instead.

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