I'm a Celeb's Simone went a little rogue in some expletive-laden post-show interviews.

I’m A Celebrity evictee Simone Holtznagel has gone a little rogue in her post-show interviews on Friday morning, going on some expletive-laden rants about her former contestants.

In an interview with Hot91’s Dave, Sam & Ash, Holtznagel’s words appeared to slur just a tad as she was asked who she considered the biggest “jerk” of the jungle.

“Oh f*ck. Oh sorry,” she began, as the hosts (unconvincingly) told her it was “OK”.

“Danny Green,” she went on. “Danny expects everyone to respect him because he’s an Olympic boxer, and he won medals for Australia, which is fine. He’s not that well known, because I had no idea who he was before he went into the jungle,” she said.

“But I don’t think anybody should be paid to beat the s*it out of someone else. They should not be paid money for that, I am not behind that. Never have, never will.”

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The hosts went on to comment that perhaps the model had been up celebrating all night, to which she replied:

“LISTEN. I only left the jungle two hours ago, so I think your insinuation might be wrong.”

In separate interview with hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt, the hosts pressed her on rumours of Bernard Tomic running around the Gold Coast telling people he earned $1 million for his time on the show.

“F***ing sit on it, Bernard. I’ve got nothing to say to that,” she said, before laughing and telling the show they “can’t put that to air”.

“Oh no we did, we’re live,” they replied.

The problem with I’m A Celebrity. Post continues after audio.

She went on:

“I’d say you’re a b**ch, dude. Get it together. He’s the type of guy who forgets that what I do is mentally and emotionally taxing, so they write it off. He does not hold me in the same stead that he holds someone like Danny Green or Anthony Mundine, and he can sit on it. I’ve got no time for it.”

When asked if she cared that Tomic may have been paid more than her, Holtznagel was… frank.

“I absolutely do not give a f**k that Bernard Tomic got paid more than me. I think he’s probably lying … he left in two days! Whoever remembers someone that lasted two days?”

Following her exit, there are only four celebrities left in the jungle: Fiona O’Loughlin, Vicky Pattison, Danny Green and Shannon Noll.

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