'I'm a fashion editor. Here are the 13 summer accessories I'm eyeing off right now.'

As a fashion content creator I'm always receiving dm's on my Instagram about accessories: from what shoes to wear with which outfit, to where to get that specific pair of sunnies. 

It's my very favourite type of detective work - scoping out the styles that'll stick around and get you lots of repeated wear, and the ones that aren't necessarily worth the cash ($700 designer Crocs, anyone?)

So ahead of summer, I thought I'd break it all down in one convenient edit. 

And team, I don't want to alarm you, but the November sales period is about to kick off - so this is a very good time to add some newness to your wardrobe.

Starting with this week's Click Frenzy, we then roll into Black Friday on November 25 and Cyber Monday on November 28. So add those sale alerts to your emails, sign up for the apps and clear a path to your postbox - because I see packages in your future.

Ok, with that out of the way, here are some of the biggest accessory trends I'm seeing right now and how we'll be wearing them this season. 

Vintage-style sunglasses.

We've seen retro-inspired shades having their moment in the sun and that'll continue with the rise of aviators with tinted lenses. I just got my hands on this pair from Quay, which my co-host on Mamamia's fashion podcast What Are You Wearing?, Deni Todorovic, called 'Daddy sunglasses'. 

Rounded styles are also coming in hot - shades of brown and tortoiseshell have that 60s bombshell vibe and they'll go with every outfit. Australian sunnies brand, Luv Lou, has so many on-point options at a reasonable price, and Poppy Lissiman's quality is top-notch.


Whatever style you choose for your shades this summer, it's all about making them a focal point of your outfit - the latest pairs are not meant to be subtle.

Quay On the Fly, $65

Image: Quay.

Luv Lou The Harley, $90.

Image: Luv Lou.


Poppy Lissiman Stevie, $140

Image: Poppy Lissiman.


Very unsubtle shades. Image: Supplied.


Leather slides.

Slides are not a new trend, but that just proves they're a worthwhile buy that'll carry their weight in your wardrobe. The versatility means they'll work with casual outfits and dressier ones - I personally love the contrast of a floaty dress back with sturdy flats for an anchoring effect. All those linen pieces are crying out for a strong sandal.

The style that's dominating the shops at the moment is the chunky padded leather or vegan pleather slide, as well as more streamlined gladiator versions inspired by cult designer pairs by Saint Laurent and Valentino. Here are a few I'm currently choosing between, with varying levels of investment!

Alias Mae Paddy, $199.95

Image: Alias Mae.


Sol Sana Coast Slides, $129

Image: Sol Sana.

H&M leather slides, $69.99

Image: H&M.


A. Emery The Remi Sandal, $200.

Image: A. Emery.


Shopper bags.

Whether they're terry towelling carryalls or woven crochet market bags, "shoppers" are the style that'll see you through summer. They're roomy enough to fit all the essentials, but way more elevated than your standard free tote. Some, like this H&M style, are even jumbo sized, ready for long beach days or weekends away.

I recently saw Trinny Woodall carrying a utility shopper on her Instagram by jet-setting Aussie brand Haulier and immediately added it to my wishlist - but if you're after something a little more affordable, here are some stylish shoppers that've caught my eye. 

Chuchka Kobi Crochet Bag, $65.

Image: Chuchka.


Poppy Lissiman Lio Tote, $190.

Image: Poppy Lissiman


H&M Terry Shopper, $49.99

Image: H&M.

Dissh Soren Natural Woven Tote Bag, $79.99

Image: Dissh.

A straw bag will see you through all the pool days. Image: Supplied.

Sporty caps.

Again, this isn't so much a new trend but a timeless one - because there is literally nothing more important to have in your summer accessory arsenal than a hat. My headwear of choice is always a cap, as I love wearing them with my activewear or popping them on with shorts and oversized shirts for everyday.

You can't go past a classic, and American sports caps will never not look cool - especially in faded throwback shades like forest green and cream.

 Forty Seven LA Dodgers cap, $39.99



Image: City Beach.


New Era 940 New York Yankees Cap, $35.

Image: The Iconic.

Supre Emily Graphic Baseball Cap, $15.

Image: Supre.


Tamara is Mamamia's Head of Lifestyle and co-host of our fashion podcast, What Are You Wearing? For more fashion and outfit advice, you can follow her on Instagram.

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What accessories are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image: Supplied.

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