After a divorce and 3 reality TV seasons, Survivor legend Shonee Bowtell is pregnant.

Survivors, ready? Well, we better be because there's a mini Survivor on the way – and this kid is going to be the heir to Australian Survivor royalty. 

Yep, three-time player Shonee Bowtell has announced she is having a baby.

The Survivor all-star is expecting a child with Matt Jamieson, who seems to be a new partner as she only soft-launched their relationship on Instagram in April.

Shonee announced the exciting news on Instagram.


The post has been flooded with comments by former Australian Survivor players. 

Shonee's Survivor work wife and 2023 winner, Liz Parnov, commented on the post, "YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!" 

And Shonee's season three ride-or-die bestie Fenella McGowan wrote, "Most exciting news ever."

Hayley Leake added, "This is gonna be one smokin baby! Congrats you two!!", while Brooke Jowett wrote, "FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting too long for this announcement moment."

Shonee is one of only a handful of Survivor players worldwide who have played the game three times. She made her debut on 2018's Champions V Contenders where she quickly became a fan favourite for her iconic tribal council reactions and friendship with Fenella. The two were so inseparable that fans quickly renamed the duo 'Shonella'. 

She then returned for the 2020 All-Stars season, and once again this year for Heroes V Villains, where she joined forces with Liz and George Mladenov to create the Spice Girls alliance. 

But now Shonee is ready to take a break from tribal councils and rice/bean diets to start a family. 

The reality star was previously married to Benny Fairfax, a professional skater. Shonee and Benny filed for divorce in 2021 after four years of marriage.


Shonee's relationship with Matt must be relatively fresh, as in an interview from February, she said she was still ''single and looking',' and even joked about doing The Bachelorette.

Looks like she found what she was looking for!

Feature image: Network 10 + Instagram/@shoneebowtell.

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