Shonda Rhimes was asked to pick a favourite from her leading men. We don't agree with her choice.

Shonda Rhimes is a name that should pop into your head every time you sit down to watch your favourite comfort TV show or movie. 

She's one of the most successful producers and screenwriters in Hollywood right now, creating shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Bridgerton, Inventing Anna, and Scandal (to name a few). 

Watch: Shonda Rhimes on The Jennifer Hudson show. Post continues below.

Video via YouTube/The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Rhimes recently appeared as a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show. In the interview, Rhimes talked in depth about her work and career in television and film, with an emphasis on the fictional characters she creates in these larger-than-life make-believe worlds that her fans have aptly nicknamed 'The Shondaverse'. 

Towards the end of the interview, Hudson asked a question that audiences didn't even know they so desperately wanted the answer to...

"If you had to choose between your leading men, which one would be your number one pick?" Hudson asked as the screen lit up with the familiar (and very good-looking) faces of some of her most popular male characters. 

The characters on screen included McDreamy and McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy played by Patrick Dempsy and Eric Dane respectively, President Fitz from Scandal played by Tony Goldwyn, The Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton played by Regé-Jean Page and Detective Lehey from How To Get Away With Murder played by Billy Brown.


After some silent pondering and what looked like second-guessing, Rhimes replied with "I'm going to have to say The Duke." 

She said it was because "he was such a 'fantasy-fulfilled' kind of man," and that "he never got to have any real flaws." 

Hudson's immediate reaction to this answer is what we're all thinking right now— WHAT?!

Image source: YouTube/The Jennifer Hudson Show.


Yes, I agree that if The Duke asked me out on a date, I would most definitely say yes without even thinking. But from what I remember about his character arc in season one of Bridgerton, he was very flawed. 

He definitely had some redeeming qualities towards the end of the season when he swept Daphne off her feet and they got their very happy ending, but throughout the season he was the type of person who lied and gaslit his future spouse!

Listen to The Spill hosts debate Shonda Rhimes' choice, along with other entertainment news. 

I will admit that the Duke's flaws are slightly more front of mind than the other leading men on the screen, mainly because we only saw his character development over a single season before he disappeared out of the Shondaverse. 

When actor Regé-Jean Page announced that he wouldn't be returning to the Bridgerton series, audiences (including myself) were very upset. It felt like we only got a small taste of Prince Charming before he was whisked away from us. 

At the time, there were talks that the reason he departed the show was because of creative differences with Rhimes even though both parties have denied those rumours. 


When Rhimes chose The Duke as her number one pick, it proved to audiences that she really did have a soft spot for that character. 

I'm sure if Regé-Jean Page decided to stay on the show, we would've become even more obsessed with him which would've made Rhimes' pick make complete sense. 

Since we've been deprived of The Duke, and unfortunately don't live in Shonda Rhimes' magical brain where we can see what her plans would've been for his character, I'm going to give my two cents (that no one asked for) and say that the leading man of choice in the lineup who should've been picked is clearly Detective Lehey from How To Get Away With Murder. 


I mean.... look at him. 

Image source: Screen Rant. 

Do you agree? Fight me in the comments below. 

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