Shannon Noll erupts into expletive-filled rage at fan: "I’ll punch your f***ing teeth."

Shannon Noll, once everyone’s favourite runner-up, has let loose on an audience member during a show at the Duck Creek Picnic Races in the regional NSW town of Nyngan.

Noll was performing at the event on Saturday night, when a fan threw a beer can on stage.

Then Nollsy just… lost it.

“Whoever threw that, come up here,” an enraged Nollsy addressed the crowd.

“Come on then, that f***head in the tie. You’re a f***ing maggot. Have some f***ing balls to come up here… cheapshot pr*ck,” the What About Me singer continued.

“Shame that motherf***er right there. F***ing private school stupid f***head motherf***er. Have some balls and get up here and I’ll punch your f***ing teeth down your throat… then I’ll f*** your missus and your mum.”

Noll then addressed the rest of the stunned crowd.

“Let’s everybody else, apart from that f***stick, sing along to that song, OK, here we go. I’ll give someone $100 bucks to punch that f*** for me,” he said.

“Enough with the haters, f*** the haters. There’s too many good looking girls here.”

The confrontation happened just as Noll was preparing to sing Daryl Braithwaite’s Horses.

The, erm, f***ing private school stupid f***head motherf***er, did not take up Noll’s offer to get up on stage and the Australian Idol runner-up continued on with his set.

Shortly after, footage of the incident began circulating on Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, many aren’t thrilled with Noll’s threats of domestic violence, or the sexist, borderline misogynistic undertones of some of his comments.

Do better, Nollsy.