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'A 'sex chart' reveals all your secret erotic habits. Here's what mine told me.'

Ever wondered what a Sex Editor does in her downtime? 

Well, as it turns out, she spends her time having her 'sex chart' read by professionals. 

It seems I simply can't know enough about my own sex life, so now I simply have to dig deeper and find out the psychology (and a smidge of astrology) behind every decision I make in the bedroom. 

Which is why I called on Emma Dunwoody, a Human Design Master Coach, to drum up my personalised 'sex chart' and explain to me why I am the way that I am... sexually

We spent over an hour on the phone to each other, analysing every corner of my chart and picking apart the 'sex types' that exist.

To say the process was overwhelming would be an understatement. By the end of the session, I felt emotionally butt naked – exposed in every manner of the word. Because it turns out, even without putting a hidden camera in my bedroom, you can see every erotic habit and taste of mine clear as day in my 'sex chart'.

But, thankfully for you, dear reader, I am a chronic over-sharer. So I have plonked every discovery from my session into this article for you to read.

Before I have the chance to get nervous and delete everything written below, read quickly and judge away. 

Quick question: What the heck is a 'sex chart'?

GOOD POINT. Let's backtrack, shall we? 

Sex charts can be read via a process called 'Human Design', which looks at all aspects of your mind and personality – much like tests like Myer Briggs which you may have been forced to do by your workplace – but the point of difference of 'Human Design' is that your body and energy is taken into account too. In a big way. 

And those body and energy elements can help you decode your sexual appetite, desire, and motivations. Thus writing up a very clear chart of what you want and need sexually.  

In a slightly odd twist, it turns out the chart reading begins three months before you're born, because that's when your 'energy' starts to ooze (not the technical term, but the term that gives most people the best visual). At our time of birth, we have sub-atomic particles moving through us (called neutrinos), that pick up little pieces of energy, so noting the time of birth means you can capture the 'blueprint' of the neutrinos on you. 

Weird, but also kinda magical.

What does a sex chart look like?

I have one answer for this question: Confusing.

When Emma showed me my sex chart, I was baffled. There were numbers, names, symbols and what looked like a switchboard that would probably electrocute me if I touched it. 

So let me walk you through the mayhem.

The left column of red symbols and numbers is a reading of three months before my birth (this gets referred to as the 'Design' or 'Body' column), and the black column is the reading of my actual time of birth (and is also called the 'Personality' column). 

While all of these charts have different numbers and symbols, depending on your time of birth, the themes of all sex charts can fall into five different categories – and these categories are your 'sex chart type'. So let's have a gander at the 'types'.


Manifestors don't need others to boost their energy, mindset and sexual appetite. That's because they always have access to their energy and they are the only 'type' that can do exactly what they want to, whenever they want to. For that reason, they are often the initiators in a romantic context, and they like to lean into all the feelings and expressions of sex and pleasure. They can sometimes struggle to pin down exactly what they want sexually, as their desire is more of a moving target that changes constantly – but that doesn't hold them back from trying all the things to figure that conundrum out!


Generators have a tremendous amount of energy within them, but often struggle to find the tools to express themselves clearly as they work best when they are responding to others. However, they have a really strong sense of what they want in bed, and implement that in their physical relationships by reacting to their partner – e.g. their partner tries a specific move and they straight-up tell them 'I'm into this' or 'I absolutely hate this'. Because they struggle to speak up without prompting, it can mean that they can get very sexually frustrated when they don't get aroused in the exact way they are imagining.

Manifesting Generators.

Manifesting Generators are a spicy mix of the top two 'types' and they have seriously attractive auras that tend to envelop those around them – meaning if they are in a good, sexy mood, then they can bring others up to their frequency. Their split definition means they are "perfectly designed for sex" as they merge energy response and manifestation to "bring sex to the party". Their sexual energy is fairly consistent, meaning they are clear on what they want and are fairly good at communicating that, but they also leave room for curiosity and are willing to explore something their partner is interested in. 


Projectors have a laser-focussed aura that thrives when it has one person to give all their attention to. In other words, Projectors tend to be serial monogamists – which is handy because they make the best partners. They are essentially designed to guide others to success, meeting their intimate partner at their level and then amplifying their sexual energy back to them so they can grow together. This is obviously great during a solid, healthy relationship, but Projectors are so influenced by their partner's energy, so if they have a dud match, it will drag them down too. Sexual fulfilment comes for Projectors when they are recognised by good, positive energies and invited to be intimate. 


As the name suggests, Reflectors reflect the energy of their significant other. Unlike the Projector that can build up another's energy, Reflectors are more of an exact mirror. This means their desire is extremely responsive, needing another to initiate to really get in the mood. However, once sex has been kick-started, they are really open to riding the rollercoaster of intimacy – adopting all the different expressions of sex and pleasure. It takes courage to have a Reflector as a lover and it is a little bit narcissistic since what you get back is basically yourself! That being said, the most compatible 'type' with a Reflector is a Manifestor.


In case you were wondering, I'm a Pure Manifesting Generator – which I'm thrilled about because if anyone should be "bringing sex to the party", it should be a Sex Editor. 

But back to my chart and what that electrical board means...

I have a lot of lines connected to my throat, which means, and I quote, "A lot of people notice when you walk into a room". Now, I thought that was because I was loud-mouthed and all the noise was coming out of my throat, but apparently, it's all to do with my aura. I have a BIG aura and because of my Manifesting Generator-ism, it's an aura that people like to be near. 

But my aura has another talent: it can feel other people's auras more than they can. It can spot an aura that needs attention, it can know if someone needs help or care, and how much of it they need. It's a pretty magical feature, but also means I can absorb too much of someone else's emotion – often putting the emotional needs of others higher than my own. 

Finally, my people-pleasing tendencies make sense. 


Okay, let's explain another bit of the puzzle: Sacrals. 

Sacrals sit in different spots of everyone's body and they are responsible for all the decision-making. For some, your sacral is your head or your heart, but mine is very, very deeply rooted in my gut. 

Does this mean I make bad decisions when I'm hungry? Most likely. But it also means I have a key feeling in the pit of my stomach about everything – and that I can tell if I'm sure about something pretty quickly. And that logic plays a ginormous part in my dating decisions.

If someone asks me out, I know immediately if I want to say yes or no. If I try something in the bedroom, I know instantly if I'm into it. And on the flip side, if I ignore my gut feeling on something, that discomfort and regret sits in my body for a super long time afterwards. 

This also means I can get serious cases of the 'ick' often. Once my gut turns something off for me, there's very rarely any going back. My ex-boyfriend can vouch for that one. 

Speaking of relationships, the configuration of my combo-type means that I have very independent energy (from my Manifestor side) but that I crave intimate energy to build with a partner (hello Generator side). And that can seriously muddle up my communication needs. 

Why? Well, because I'm my own woman, but also incredibly clingy. I want to make my own decisions, and because of my gut I've almost always already made up my mind, but I also want validation through cross-checking with my partner. Annoying, right?

And now here's the really creepy part...

Emma was also able to see from my sex chart alone that I had broken up with my long-time partner. She could see, somehow, from my numbers and symbols and chakras, that I had ended a relationship I really cared about in order to rebuild it in a better way. AND THAT HAPPENED. She was dead on the money. 

She explained that this is a classic manoeuvre from a Pure Manifestor Generator, because when something is a bit broken but I'm not energetically done with it, I will break it in order to rebuild it properly from scratch. Apparently, it's what all solid MGs do in their healthiest relationships. So, I'm taking it as a compliment!

But back to the chart. 

One section I could see in my folder was that my 'Incarnation Cross' was 'The Vessel of Love'. So obviously I had to ask what the heck that meant. Emma told me that while she's not meant to have favourites, the 'Vessel of Love' is definitely her fave. 

"I have a few friends that are 'Vessels of Love' and it is just so nice to be in their aura. It's divine," she tells me. 

In essence, it's someone who seeks out love and desire and wants to bring as many people as they can along for the ride. And that last bit is particularly poignant for me because my 'Cross' has a 'high workload', which means that anyone that walks into my aura is going to experience this. Even if I'm not doing anything to them, my aura is doing some work for them. AKA a lazy girl's dream.

Ironically, even though my main vessel is all about love, my 'Core Wound' (which you can also find in my chart) is that deep, deep down I still worry that I'm unloveable. This means that getting over that 'Core Wound' is going to be my biggest hurdle, and Emma confirms that this is going to be my longest journey. But, because my vessel is one filled 'with love', I will reach that destination of pure self-love one day – and along the way, lots of people around me will feel that love too. Which makes things sound a little less tragic, right?

Honestly, this session was so eye-opening to me. 

As someone who doesn't usually lean into the woo-woo side of life, it was incredible to see how much of my sex life was ready and waiting to be analysed in a chart. I feel like I can power walk into the next chapter of my sex life with the confidence that every orgasm happens for a reason. 

Here's to tackling my 'Core Wound', letting my 'Vessel' fill up with love, and having my aura sparkle with killer-watt sexual energy.


Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

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