'I'm a Sex Editor, and these 3 things are about to get really popular in the bedroom.'

Trend wrap-ups are commonplace in the fashion and beauty realm, with teams of professionals tasked with trend forecasting so brands and shoppers alike can know what's going to be the Next Big Thing.

While I gobble up that content like no other, I'm also trying to apply the same logic to a much spicier space: your bedroom. 

Because guess what pals, sex trends are a thing too. And I have some hot and heavy predictions for your year ahead.

How are women having sex? The juiciest results from the Mamamia Sex Survey. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia. 

After combing through research and surveying sexual beings, I predict these are going to be the biggest sex and dating trends of 2023. 

Read ahead, keep a mental note, and you too can be a trendy bonker this year. You're welcome. 

1. Intentional dating.                                  

After two years of distance and isolation (thanks COVID), there's definitely been a bit of a surge in desire for intimacy – both physically and emotionally. Rather than casual dating, single pringles are more drawn than ever to seek out 'slow love', an emotional connection, and meaningful conversations from the first date. 


Dating apps are definitely following this trend, helping to facilitate deeper intimacy from the first chat with conversation-starting questions and more text and personalisation encouraged on dating profiles. There are also new apps that prioritise sex-positivity, like Feeld, who make it easy to communicate sexual preferences and interests from the very beginning.

Expect things to get deeper, quicker in the dating scene in 2023 – skipping casual hook ups and activity-based dates for sit-down dinners, intense coffee chats, and a lot more emotional foreplay than ever before. 

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2. Unplugged sex.

It was only a matter of time before buzzwords like 'conscious consumption' and 'wellness' would reach our bedrooms. 

With the world wanting to pivot away from smartphone addiction and too much screen time, it seems that the desire to have unplugged sex is on the rise. Because we have constant overstimulation and we are used to having a constant availability of entertainment, many people feel stressed as well as exhausted in this constant state of overwhelming choices. So, an area that people are able to strip back on is sex.

That means for masturbation sessions putting the sex toys down, switching off visual or audio porn and going back to the basics. I'm talking candles on, curtains closed, and some good ol' fashioned acoustic wanking. 


And the same rules apply for partnered sex – avoiding all the bells and whistles of lingerie, music on and not bringing in some sexual accessories to allow for quiet connection, space for hearing the other person breathe and moan and focusing on pleasure as a journey, rather than a performance.

While some people may lump this in the unfair category of 'vanilla sex', I'd prefer to label it as a tantric entrée – as removing distractions is a great start on your journey to deep, powerful, connective sex. Whether that's with someone else or focusing on your own body and mind.

Here are some items to help you get in the zone for unplugged sex:

Image: Mamamia.


My ilo Shea Butter Melt Massage Candle 250g, $54.95.

Pure Silk Sleep Mask, $55.

Eternal Love Lube 50ML, $74.

3. Anal masturbation.                              

Now, to the booty-phobes amongst us, don't scroll away just yet... but anal masturbation is very much on the agenda for 2023. 

This is mainly because this year is about fighting taboos in the sex space, and the butt certainly feels like the final frontier. So we're tackling that in the easiest way possible – with masturbation. That way you can take things as slow, fast, strong or soft as you want. 

So, how does anal masturbation work? So glad you asked! Let us explain. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that anal masturbation is not a sprint, but a marathon. You need to block out some time for yourself, and give yourself the brain space to mentally check out and relax. This is because all masturbation is better when you're feeling soothed and in the mood – but also because your sphincter will literally block you out of entering if you're tensed up.


So loosen up, pal. Put some soothing music on and always have lube on hand, because booty play requires a lot of it – even when you're in the mood. Why? Well, because, unlike the vagina, the butt doesn't produce natural lubricant – so you need to outsource that juice.

Once you've applied lube to the area, you can use your finger to explore. Circle your finger around your anus, playing with pressure to see whether you prefer a teasing light touch or a push of pressure in that area. This act is called 'anal surfacing' and it's a technique a lot of women (and men) can find pleasure in.

If you're liking this and you're keen to explore more, then perhaps it's time to give 'anal shallowing' a go. This is when you just lightly go into your butthole. There is a stack of nerve endings just in the entry of your anus, so it's a great spot to walk your finger around and see what tickles you. You can level up once more after this to using a vibrator (a bullet or vibrating butt plug would work best here), and following the same patterns as your finger. I'd recommend opting for a low or pulsating vibration pattern here for the biggest OOFT-factor. 

Need help picking out a little buzz buddy for exploring anal masturbation? These are our fave non-scary booty play sex toys:

Image: Mamamia.


Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5 Inch, $36.95.

Lovehoney Dare Discreet Necklace Vibrator, $129.95.

Vush Peachy Rechargeable Silicone Bullet Massager, $39.95.

Which of these sex trends would you try out? Let me know in comments!

Image: Supplied + Mamamia.

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