Oh look. There are deleted scenes from Sex and The City we never knew existed.

And one includes the best Aidan/Carrie/Big confrontations we’ve ever seen.

It’s been 11 years since Sex and the City ended (bar the first movie remake and that other movie we’ll never speak of again).

So how is it possible we didn’t know there were a whole lot of deleted scenes being shared around the internet?

Check out the video before. There’s scenes with Aidan, Charlotte and Trey, Samantha and Big (that are um strangely sexual) and of course, a lot of classic Carrie Bradshaw moments.

We hear Aidan talk about the girl who took his v-plates, Stanford trash-talks Big, Miranda turns into a crazy knife-wielding bandit and Charlotte calls Trey’s mother the ‘wicked witch of the Upper-East Side’.

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But one of the best scenes in this 11 minute montage has to be when Big, drunk after Natasha dumped him, tries to get into bed with Carrie and Aidan. You can actually feel the awkward tension in the air of the Connecticut cottage.

Make yourself a cosmo and press play. It’s absofuckinglutely incredible.