Seven Year Switch: Tim in for a shock when he hears what Jackie thinks of his new tattoo.

Last night’s episode of Seven Year Switch was full of tension, drama and awkward anticipation.

Each of the experimental couples were told they would be meeting each other’s partners. In preparation, they faced a therapy session where they were asked to evaluate the way they feel about their relationship with their partner, and how the experiment may have shaped that.

The focus of the sessions was trust, and the couples were given an insight into their partners’ interactions though out the experiment.

Looking a little nervous (Image: Screenshot via Channel 7)

Tim and Tallena were shown photographs of partners Jackie and Brad ballroom dancing. "I obviously feel jealous," said Tallena. "But I'm a little bit disappointed more than anything."

Tallena says she would have loved Brad to take her dancing, and had asked him to go with her before. "It kind of does get to me a little bit, because it seems like Jackie's getting the best of Brad and I'm kind of not."

These pangs of jealously, and the pending meeting made Tim and Tallena consider their partners' reactions to their own behaviour.

Tim, who got a matching tattoo with Tallena, doesn't think Jackie will be to phased by his new ink, saying, "I don't think she's going to be to concerned about it."


Tallena is worried that her involvement might have Jackie on the attack when they meet. "Do you think Jackie would have a go at me?" she asks. Well she might, Tallena. But as long as you stay behind Tim, you'll be safe, because she is far from happy with him.

Enter Brad and Jackie.

This is not going to end well. (Image: Screenshot via Channel 7)

As could be expected, Jackie isn't exactly thrilled that partner Tim decided to get inked. A ballroom dance is one thing, but a tattoo is forever. When Brad and Jackie are first shown the pictures, she is reluctant to believe the tattoos are legit.

"That's not real. That's not real," she says. " That's not a real tattoo."

But as reality sinks in, so does her anger.

Jackie was not at all happy with Tim...(post continues after video)

Video via Channel 7

"The tattoo pictures," Jackie says to camera, "Now this one really struck a chord in me and hit a nerve."

"There's no way in a million years I ever would have thought before this experiment that he would actually go through with something like that."

Oh but he did.

"Now this one really struck a chord in me and hit a nerve." (Image: Screenshot via Channel 7)

Brad isn't too concerned about the tattoos. He was more worried about the Tim and Tallena getting cosy in the spa. Good job that didn't hap.... oh dear.

For Jackie, the tattoo is a massive betrayal. "If that tattoo is real," she says defiantly, "it's over."

Next up, the Switch couples meet each other's partners... What could possibly go wrong?