Whoops: Lottery announced winning numbers before they were drawn.


We are the first to admit that numbers can be hard sometimes.

But generally, GENERALLY, when it comes to telling the difference between a 21 and 27, we figure most people who’ve hit puberty have got that shit down pat.

This is why it’s pretty hard to believe that Serbia’s recent national lottery just “accidentally” announced the number 27 was drawn when it was in fact a 21.

And it’s also why it’s hard to believe the whole lottery draw wasn’t completely rigged when the next number revealed actually was in fact a 27.


Video via PRVA

The Serbian Government has since come out and PROMISED it’s not rigged and that it was human error, and have vowed to investigate the whole incident.

Unfortunately though, no-one really believes them because of the whole “corruption” thing many think the Serbian Government have going for them.

Luckily for the people who may have rigged it winners though, the draw still stands.

The head of the State lottery, Aleksandar Vulovic, has stepped down as a result of the scandal.

In our opinion, he had about 27 good reasons to. We mean 21. No 27.


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