A point system for girls: The worksheet boys were given in an Australian classroom.

"Build a bitch."

That's how some male students at a school on Sydney's Northern Beaches described a task given to them last week, in an exclusive obtained by Sydney Morning Herald.

The Year 10 boys at St Luke’s Grammar School were asked to use a points system to choose the qualities they wanted in a girl - with no apparent consideration for the fact some of the boys might not be heterosexual. 

High on the points list was a female's virginity, whilst the quality of being "generous" was ranked among the least important. 

Journalist Jordan Baker reports the girls at the co-ed school were meanwhile taught the value of abstaining from sex until marriage. 

Along with virginity, the qualities worth six points were "popular," "good looking," and "strong Christian," as well as "loyalty," "intelligent," and "trustworthy".

"Great kisser," "good pedigree," and "owns a car," were worth three points.

Worth just one point included "sincere and serious," "adventurous," "similar beliefs," and "cares for the world".

According to the publication, the school's headmaster Geoff Lancaster sent a letter to parents on Friday, apologising for the inappropriate material, and said the teacher is "is very sorry for the offence he has caused and saddened to think that the way this discussion was framed has upset our students".


Since Fairfax's publication of the list, criticism of the task has been swift. 

Here's how people are responding on Twitter.


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