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petal October 1, 2023

How people can have noise in their ears for over 12 hours a day is beyond me.  I cherish my silent walks after work.  I have enough noise in my head from work and family commitments, I don't need music/podcasts/audio books filling what little space there is left. This is a non-negotiable time for me where no one or nothing commands my attention.  More people should try it.

petal February 2, 2023

I got a headache looking at just the wallpaper.

petal June 24, 2022

I stopped reading, leaned back in my chair and wiped a tear from my eye when I read this. The US law makers are evil. They want women dead. It’s as simple as that. Today, I have never been more grateful to live in Australia.

petal June 24, 2021

I am speechless. I am appalled. And people wonder why women are treated they way they are in 2021. This teacher needs to be sacked. Without question. As an example. To show the cohort how appalling this is. To show boys this was so incredibly wrong that someone lost their job over it. To show the boys girls and women are worth more than their virginity and being ranked by the privileged few.  St Luke’s - sack that teacher immediately to show the country how much you disagree with that teacher and how much you value girls and women.

petal December 29, 2020

Ah yes. Favourite book of all time. The cover is ripped. Pages are falling out. But I will keep it forever. I will re-read it and re-read it until I die. The Thorn Birds. Forbidden love, fire, flood, drought, priests, death and The Vatican. Everything you could want in a novel. Nothing will ever beat it.

petal November 10, 2020

Appallingly ridiculous. Just another example of ‘my child is more important than anything or anyone’. What example is this setting to the child? 

petal October 26, 2020

OMG she had the mums group over EVERY week?! I used to dread my turn and that was once every two months. Then as they got older we met at parks/play centres. No wonder she lost her shit.

petal October 26, 2020

I would have asked her to leave immediately. How uncomfortable for the rest of the day!

petal September 17, 2020

We went up the coast from Melbourne with our two small children & our pop up van  20 years ago. Looking back, it was bliss. Everywhere we stopped the kids would jump on their bikes and be off (they were 5&3). I complained about lack of space and having to drag the kids and washing to numerous laundries, but looking back it created wonderful memories and experiences.