Schapelle Corby has shared her emotional journey home on Instagram.

Last night Schapelle Corby travelled back to Australia after serving nearly a decade behind bars and three years of probation in Bali.

Schapelle, along with her sister Mercedes, was booked onto a Virgin flight. But at the last minute she told the airport she was on a Malindo flight that was leaving 10 minutes earlier.

Schapelle and Mercedes boarded the Malindo flight at the next gate, and avoided the 40 members of the media who had purchased tickets for the Virgin flight.

Good bye to this parole paper work. Approching parole office for the last time.

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Corby, who was convicted in May 2005, has chosen to share her journey back to Australia via Instagram.

Last night the 39-year-old posted a photo of her parole paperwork with the caption: “Good bye to this parole paper work. Approching parole office for the last time”.

Shortly after she posted an image of herself and her sister Mercedes Corby travelling to the airport in the backseat of a vehicle.

Almost at the airport.. with my @mercedescorby

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In the image Corby’s face was mostly covered by a scarf and a large pair of sunglasses, while Mercedes attempted to cover her face with her own hair.

A few hours later, Corby uploaded a video showing the media frenzy in Bali as she headed to the airport. In the video Bali police are attempting to hold back the media pack, as Corby’s vehicle is passing by. Towards the end of the video, Mercedes can be heard saying “Woah, that’s a big one” referring to a large camera that comes up close to the backseat window of the car.

Mercedes then says to Schapelle: “If it shines through they can see you with their lights”.


Schapelle then uploaded an image of herself looking out of the air plane window with the caption: “Boarded”.


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Earlier this morning, Corby uploaded another video of the media frenzy in Bali – in which one photographer seems to fall off a high brick fence while trying to get closer to the car.


Schapelle’s Instagram account already has over 92,000 followers. Many people have commented on Corby’s posts and shared messages of support for the former beautician.

“Enjoy all that u have missed out on in the past 13 years,” one person wrote. “Relax and continue to hold on to the good things that make you happy. Guilty or innocent you deserve to move on to more exciting and happier times. I hear you turn 40 soon….enjoy and celebrate.”

“Welcome home Schapelle, I wish you more strength in dealing with this media circus, peace to you,” added another.

Others believe a convicted drug smuggler should not be receiving this much media attention.

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“Always known as a ‘Convicted drug smuggler 4 life’. I hope she gets no money from interviews out of this!” one person commented.

“So many people supported a convicted drug trafficker trying to get rich off crime… there [sic] is so many Australians actually doing good things, go support one of them!”

The Corby sisters’ flight landed in Brisbane this morning and while Mercedes has been spotted at their mother’s Loganlea house, Schapelle was notably missing.