10 Netflix movies that are so scary people can't sit through them.

Oh boy.

Turn on all the lights and lock the front door.

And, ah, switch on the Netflix… if you dare.

According to Paul Tassi at Forbes, there are 10 movies on the streaming service that are just so goddamn terrifying people can’t finish them.

You see, last week Tassi wrote about Netflix’s latest horror offering, Veronica, a movie that’s apparently so freakin’ scary people are switching it off midway.

Veronica is Spain’s chilling answer to The Conjuring and it’s based on a creepy true crime case.

The movie tells the story of a young girl called Veronica who, along with her siblings, tries to summon her dead father’s spirit through an Ouija board.

Of course, this is a terrible idea. Instead of summoning their dad’s spirit they summon something far more sinister.

During the seance, Veronica passes out, and when she comes to, she’s a little different. She starts to notice spooky things going on around her and the supernatural activity escalates over a three day period until, well, all hell breaks loose.

The movie is freaking people out all over the world.

Tassi, however, didn’t find the movie all that scary and didn’t believe people were switching it off midway. So, Netflix sent him a list of all the similarly spooky movies that their data shows that people aren’t able to sit through.

Netflix figured out that people are scared of the movies – and don’t just hate them – because they turn them off once they’re already 70 per cent through the movie.

So get out the popcorn, here are the scariest movies on Netflix. (Luckily for the sake of your knickers, not all of them are currently streaming in Australia):

1. Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is, you guessed it, set in a cabin in the woods.


While staying in said cabin, a bunch of college students get attacked by a flesh eating virus which kills them one-by-one.

It’s pretty gory stuff.

2. Carnage Park

Carnage Park is an American crime horror thriller set in the late 1970s.

It’s a pretty harrowing watch about a woman who is kidnapped… while she’s already in a hostage situation.

3. Mexico Barbaro

Mexico Barbaro is a Mexican horror anthology series. It contains eight different short films about Mexican urban legends.

No thank you please.

4. Piranha

Piranha, as you may have guessed, is a movie about killer fish.

Kind of like Jaws, but smaller and bitier.

5. Raw

Raw is a French-Belgian horror film about a vegetarian vet student who gets a taste and a craving for flesh.

It sounds bloody horrifying.

6. Teeth

Teeth is an American black comedy film about, erm, killer teeth. In… a woman’s vagina.

 7. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a movie about good ole’ Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating a haunted house.

It’s now a franchise of movies about Ed and Lorraine and some haunted dolls and what not.

8. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

Oh god.

This one is about a man who makes a centipede out of humans.

We must never speak of it again.

9. The Void

The Void tells the story of a bunch of people who get trapped in a hospital and then discover said hospital has been taken over by human-killing creatures.

10. Jeruzalem

Jeruzalem tells the story of two American tourists who have to fight for their lives when winged demons invade Jerusalem.

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